"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, October 23, 2009

Open Thread

It is time for an open thread with a multitude of subjects to discuss, such as:
  • Obama's war on Fox News
  • The week in the campaign for the 23rd Congressional seat (plenty there to talk about)

    1. Dede's police call or press conference
    2. Hoffman bombed at the Times editorial board interview
    3. Palin endorses Hoffman (who really cares)
    4. Owens - well Owens continues his 23rd race game of hide and seek.

  • Senator Monserrate conviction on misdemeanor assault and pending Senator Parker trial. 
  • State budget fiasco and Senate Democrats continued lack of any leadership.


Anonymous said...

Addie Russell was caught doing a tax 2-step with voters saying she's against tax hikes when she repeatedly voted for them. Gouverneur Times has the story:

Dan Francis said...

IVY: I am glad you posted about that topic (Obama v. Fox).

My take on that:

Obama v. Fox

Now, I ask? Who can ever believe anything that FOX nitwits put over the airwaves? Really...

Anonymous said...

11:03 - better to post this way:

Russell Does 2-Step

How's that?

Anonymous said...

Fox, Fox News, Fox, the sky is falling. Fox.

Dan Francis

If we took up a collection would you calm down?

Fox, Fox...

Dan Francis said...

2:29 - Check this out and be honest ... okay? *if that's possible with nitwits like you ... but I still have hope for you, anyway. LOL

You Can't Fool the Weasel

Anonymous said...

I am a recent fox news convert.I've been watching on and off for 4 days.Fox has cnn beat all to hell.I owe it all to you guys for recommending them. THANKS,

Anonymous said...

No Dan, you've made a fool of yourself too many times for me to follow your suggestions. Remember, I'm a racist. Why would you care what I think?

You lie, you're not man enough to admit when you're wrong, you call others who disagree racist, you resort to profanity when cornered, you use your military service as a prop to support your political bias, and you have anger problems. You're also a hypocrite. Nope, not gonna take your reading list seriously.

Anonymous said...

Dan, you can't very well call anons nitwits and then wonder why you got so few votes....

Dan Francis said...

All I want is for any Anonymous posters who throw bombs at me, and that's okay, I can take it, is to step out in the sunlight and ID yourself, give yourself some credibility and then we can talk like two human beings and not rabid political hacks who think we know it all...

Anonymous said...

This is the same guy who usually responds with a flurry of profanity. Now we're talking a little more like a man. Well, I wonder what's up with this?

If I listed the names you have used towards me, PIV likely wouldn't print them all, Dannie. As far as your constant begging to go public, not all can do that. In fact, you're about the only one here who does. It's a personal choice you made. And when profanity and use of racism as a weapon is your main method of debate, it isn't smart on your part to sign your name. You've lost what little credibility you had.

But I like this new line of yours. This "nice guy lets talk like equals" angle. We'll see how long that lasts.

But don't forget, Fox News, Fox News. And Dannie, I don't throw bombs at you. I simply throw what you throw, back. You present yourself as a very informed individual. But I think it's ego that prompts all the profanity. The fact that somebody argues with you ticks you off. You don't even care about what is said.

Anonymous said...

Hey Klemit,
Not too long ago we were debating the idea of people leaving NYS because of the tax burden. You claimed such an idea was largely a "myth", unsubstantiated. Today's NYP states that a million and a half NYers have left that state in the last eight years. Any comments? Or do you think this is just one paper's view of the situation?

Anonymous said...

Where is dat bird?

Anonymous said...

6:50 PM
Also in that 1.5 million many of them were in the top 10% tax paying bracket. Meaning they paid 70% of the state and fed bills.Any one want to bet the idiots running the state fail to admit or acknowledge it.I kinda wish I was rich so I could get to hell outta here too. Maybe that's the grand plan to keep us mere peasants owed to the company store.

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