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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Record

A number of people keep posting about ACORN and Working Families Party supporting Dede Scozzafava. The record is clear they have endorsed Bill Owens and are here working on his campaign. There should be no question in people's mind who they are supporting - Owens.


Anonymous said...

Most of us know Owens is endorsed by acorn/wfp in this race.However in the past when dede was running for her assembly seat wfp and acorn supported her. Unfortunately some of us have not forgotten.It is not a well kept secret that the dems,acorn,wfp,kos,huffpo,msm and lefties countrywide were not opposed to a dede win.Fortunately word got out in time and they where headed off. I for one am thankful Dede stepped down and I think more highly of her for it.Long live the republic!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Watch over the next few days how "locals" will start to rally for Owens ... why?

"They will have to get and stay on the "good" side of the next Rep. right, if they want any favors. After reality sets in."

LOL LOL LOL (stop it; you're killing me)... stop it, I tell you.

Anonymous said...

The record is she is as liberal if not more than Owens. Payback is a bitch..she took the working families party for years and shes in bed literally and figuratively with unions. Dede prepare for a primary for assembly!

Anonymous said...

dede was backed by the wfp only when she ran unopposed. when a dem ran against her they were endorsed by the wfp.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly right, 6:01. When unopposed, whackjobs like WFP support a Rep. When they have a REAL choice, just like our teachers union, they support all Dems.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lifelong Republican who lives in the Big County (St. Lawrence, for those who asleep). I ma disgusted by the feeble campaign put togther by the RCCC and their refusal to spend any money on this race.

After much thought and consideration of the implosion of the Republican Party and our willingness to lick the boots of the phony NYS Conservative Party, its phony Chairman Mike Long and the local phony Conservative Chairman Hank Ford, I have decided that I will proudly and strongly vote for Dede Scozzafava anyway.

Our party is adrift and clueless about which direction it is headed, but I will support the Republican candidate and the Conservatives can take their phony candidate (who lied to the Republicans about not running on a third party line if he didn’t get the GOP nomination) and stick him where the sun don’t shine, as the saying goes.

I know others feel very strongly the other way and that’s okay. After all, that’s what makes America great - everyone is free to be completely wrong on any given issue!

NorthCountryLiberal said...

Oh Well! Extreme Right Hoffman can't be too much worse than McHugh. Another obstructionist in the "Party of NO". Don't you wingnuts ever learn?

Earthbob said...

As I recall, residency was important to many last Summer, during the NYS Senate Coup.

One Senator, who switched to the Republican side of the aisle, was residing outside his District.

Many wrote about this as an issue.

Will those who wrote that they believed in residency then, vote that way now?

Will Mr Hoffman move into the Congressional District?

I, for one, am understandably curious.

Anonymous said...

Dede was/is a victim of the backlash caused by the extreme liberal bent found in the White House. Many republicans are downright scared of Obama and many moderate Democrats are questioning the direction that Obama is taking. There are not that many Nancy Pelosi fans in the mainstream democratic party.

Anonymous said...

9:53 AM
Then why do they keep her leader? I think the majority of dems agree with her but they don't want the rath of the people so they let her take the heat. The upcoming healthcare vote is going to shine the light on the bastards. All we have protecting us is a handfull of bluedogs. I hope they stand firm for the people that still have jobs.If not we're screwed

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what we need, NCL, more "No's" in government. The yes votes are what have bankrupted us. Whataya bet you gots a government job too. Or like Dannie, a government pension. If you don't, you'll soon wish you did.

Put together something smarter than the party of no. That would only work with some pretty stupid people.

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