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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No One But Dede

Neither of Dede Scozzafava's opponents can address the issues like she does here, or they would be showing up to debate her. This is the Dede Scozzafava that the North Country knows and supports, knowledgeable on the issues.

Watch the News 10 Now interview.


Anonymous said...

She came across as bright, articulate and seemed to have a good grasp on the relevant topics discussed. Plus she was there unlike liar Doug. It sickens me that there are so many no-brain homophobes that can't get pass the gay marriage thing and see that she would be our best voice in DC. I watched Hoffman on Beck (deer in headlights), and witnessed him lie again, this time about how he is being outspent by DeDe and Owens! Values huh?

Dan Francis said...

Excellent - she done good, and although I disagree on her Iraq and Afghanistan policy answers, I can vote and support her.

Hoffman would have been out of his league and Owens tapdancing shoes would have worn out.

She did very good.

Anonymous said...

At this point I think the republicans should write this election off as a total misstep and rerack for the 2010 election. Let Owens win and put up a better candidate next year. I need to learn more about him, but Matt Doheny could be a good choice if the republicans can convince him to run after snubbing him this year. He would likely get the conservative nod, seems smart on the issues and has deep pockets so he wouldn't face the same underfunded campaign issues plaguing Dede today. Hoffman could get destroyed if the Dems put up a real candidate next year. He is just a placeholder for a conservative candidate. I would like to see someone a little more schooled on the issues on the ballot next year.

Anonymous said...

7:18 PM
Maybe maybe not,this blog has not mentioned a recent poll putting Hoffman ahead of both of the other candidates.But he will learn of the issues in a hurry.Owens only knows what he is told.Dede is looking to prolong her carreer and collect some cash when she passes go. And if he can't hack it I am sure he will step aside if the right person is picked to run in his place.Hoffman has said many times he did not want this but felt he had to stand up and do something to stop what our officials are doing to the country. I agree with him.

Anonymous said...

7:18 What a bunch of self serving malarkey. If you believe that tripe from the Hoffman camp, let me introduce you to the tooth fairy. Aside from that, let Doheney prove himself in another way. Is paying his dues in the City Council or County Leg beneath him?

Anonymous said...

Our course she would come across like, she a career politican, Almost like Bro Tom, I see there's another reverse split in the future.

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