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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blood Sport

ft there is any doubt that politics is a blood sport just watch this commercial. The New Jersey Governor's race is a bloody race about as ugly as two party politics gets these days. Incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine is now taking a subliminal jab his opponent Chris Christie's weight. Corzine's ad uses the term "threw his weight around" and shows Christie unfavorably exiting  a vehicle while running text over his face and clearly the focus of the shot is mid body.

Critics say offending obese people personally will backfire - they are right it should.


hermit thrush said...

quite a deplorable ad! but i'm not sure the ad will backfire -- corzine has been improving in the polls lately.

Anonymous said...

Let the NJites wallow in what they have. They have the most corrupt system in the country. Vote Corzine.

It always helps to have even bigger dumbasses living right next door. Does wonders for our self esteem.

Where you been, Klimet?

Dan Francis said...

"Throw his weight around..." an expression that has nothing to do with weight ... I've seen plenty of skinny folks "throw their weight (power of their office)" around.

How about:

* Show us your birth certificate.

* Pull the Plug on Granny.

* VA "death book" or government "death panels"

Now that's scary sh*t...

The NJ Ad - is like looking for zebras in a forest - there ain't none! (poor grammar I know)... LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but if it was anything the Republicans said, Dannie would be going nuts. I'm not surprised he sees this as he does. It's always black and white to Dannie.

Ooops, I just gave away my racism, agin'. I feel so guilty.

Dan Francis said...

1:08 ... if that surprises you... check this out from Roll Call -- you'll love me for that, too, I'm sure? LOL

GOP in 23rd Heading for Another Trainwreck

Anonymous said...

I don't really care about the 23rd Daniel. I don't have anybody I care about running. And whoever wins is a just a joke for a couple years anyway. But I'm sure they will find the winner, him/her, a good government job to continue their career.

I'm never quite sure why people like you go crazy over contests like this.

Anonymous said...

This'll kill yas too, Dannie. But that is also one of the main reasons why I would have supported you for the job. You would have raised the most trouble in the shortest amount of time. Sometimes that's what you need. But the "racist" mud changed all that.

Anonymous said...

12:40 PM

Note the date on this article danny boy, what ya think and I know i'm a racist and I have to admit i'm getting worse.


Dan Francis said...

12:40 -- great, you site a letter and article from Nairobi-Kenya.

Kenyan Newspaper 2004 Article about Obama

Anonymous said...

Are you prepared for what is to come?

Anonymous said...

12:46 PM

Had to, everything in the US prior to 2006 pertaining to Odumbo has been scrubbed clean.

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