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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 19, 2009

Piling Up

The opposition against Hiram Monserrate is piling up. The Democratic New York Senator was convicted last week of a misdemeanor for assaulting his girlfriend and he is finding out quickly how fast his friends of the Democratic majority will dump him.

Monserrate, who was also part of the coup early this summer that deadlocked the New York State Senate is a former New York City police officer. He was welcomed by both sides during the struggle for control of the Senate at the same time he had been arrested but not yet convicted.

Several Democrats have issued cookie cutter press releases seeking to slip the noose now known as Hiram Monserrate, but he is refusing to budge and has at least one ally in Senator Ruben Diaz.

There is an entire website dedicated to him resignin: Monserrate Resign

NOW has launched an on lijne petition: Monserrate Must Go 4 Ever

Or the Albany Project: Fire Monserrate

The Democrats in the Senate majority know this issue is toxic, hence the reason they are all issuing press releases calling for his departure. The need to by pass political rhetoric in this case, put some meat on the bone and remove him. 

Will they act? If they do act it will leave the chamber temporarily short of a majority needed to pass any legislation until a special election determines the next Democrat to hold Monserrate's seat. Will the Democrats choose principles overs politics even at the risk of putting the chamber in limbo again? 


Anonymous said...

I must admit that I was surprised when the National Organization of Liberal Women came out against Sen. Monserrate since he is a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Awww, come on. admit that Senator Darrel Aubertine has called for his resignation. It won't hurtcha one bit. You betcha!

Earthbob said...

PIV: "Will the Democrats choose principles overs politics even at the risk of putting the chamber in limbo again?"

As the Republicans did when they embraced Senator Monserrate for the so-called coup?

One might hope that both parties would work out a way forward in the Senate, without the petty political bickering over leadership, for the good of a bright New York State future.......NAHHH!

Won't happen.

(To My Anonymous Friend: I did not use proce....oops!)

Dan Francis said...

Talk about piling on.

Get this pitch from the ugliest, nastiest "blogger in the world,"
Michelle Malkin, vis-a-vis Dede and her race:

Malkin Rips Scozzafava

My views about Malkin are clearly posted here - agree or not, they are factual:

Weasel Wart Dartboard

I believe in fairness based on facts - not a bunch of crap spread by the likes of Malkin who knows squat about squat.

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Hoffman blasts Dede via Michelle Malkin's nasty blog...

Hoffman's Message to Malkin

The piling on will get worse... the GOP is being torn in half or worse.

Anonymous said...

IV,wouldn't they still have a majority? It stands at 32-30 now, minus 1 equals 31 -30, still leaving the dems in the majority. That is unless Diaz or Espada try another stunt.

Political IV said...

4:07, The majority in the New York State Senate is 32 or greater. By simple numbers they have the appearance of a majority, but not by voting.

Anonymous said...

Easy bs, EB. The only reason the NOW crowd and any of the Dems are standing on any priciple regarding Sen Slasher is they know they can replace him with any candidate with a D in front of his name. It's a district where there will be no real contested election. Don't get too smug with yourself. You might lose your illusion of nonpartisanship, at least among those who harbor such fantasies.

Yanks are processing another win.

Dan Francis said...

It's shameful now with all the elected officials sharing the limelight as they call for Monserrate to step down - why, because they are in office and carry more weight than those in the public who said he should have stepped down long before they looked for cameras and TV spots and reeleciton Ad materials?


Anonymous said...

Yanks completely screwed up the process, EB.

Earthbob said...

Damn Yankees!

My Anonymous Friend: "You might lose your illusion of nonpartisanship, at least among those who harbor such fantasies."

To be clear, I am unaffiliated. My partisanship disregards political party.

In the instance of the NYS Senate, both parties embraced Senator Slasher.

Both parties found Senate Control to be more vital than integrity or the people's business.

In that respect, I suffer no illusions from the smoke and mirrors that both parties in the Senate Chamber perform.

The NYS Senate Chamber is where one would find the easy Bull feces.

Beyond what is easy? Doing the hard.

Both parties have yet to discover that we can not afford ourselves.

At this rate, both parties are racing for a bankrupt State that will be administered by a nonpartisan bankruptcy trustee.

As an unaffiliated voter, that is a nightmare, not an illusion.

How about those Yankees as a dream team?

Anonymous said...

I still think you're a Donkey, EB.

Just when I figure out baseball, they change everything. A ball hit two inches to the left becomes a two run game winner instead of a double play. As far as a dream team, I can't imagine what it would be like to pitch to that lineup. I'm rootin' hard tonight. We need win number 3.

Earthbob said...

The Yankees win again!





I registered to Vote in 1970.

Have voted every election since that time.

No party affiliation ever.

What has changed since 1970?

The constant growth in the number of unaffiliated voters.

Have I ever voted for a Democrat?

Have I ever voted for a Republican?

The answer to both is yes.

If 40 years of a voting practice like mine makes me a donkey, according to you, than so be it.

You can also call a cat a fish, it still won't swim.

But, my anonymous friend, I would keep your eyes on the ball, as the unaffiliated voters have become a kingmaker block in recent elections.

They did not accomplish this in their own organized way!

The Congressional Election is demonstrating the continuous fracturing of the parties, as their local control is being surrendered to outside political fundraising dollars.

The voters did not select the Congressional Candidates, but 3 Political Parties did the selection.

So, what incentive is there to be a Party Member, my anonymous friend?

Vote in a Primary? Not this election.

Support a Party Candidate at the next public debate? What public debate?

I still receive political mailings from all the candidates and the parties.

I still get phone calls.

More importantly, I will vote again, without fail.

Perhaps the Yankees will have won the Series by then.....

Anonymous said...

I still think you're a Donkey.
You think like one of them.

I can't believe the Yanks scored 6 then gave the game back. Well, Sat night is another game. Here's hoping.

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