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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GOP Fall Dinner

The elephants have scheduled their fall dinner for October 16th at Bonnie Castle and will feature the GOP slate of candidates; Dede Scozzafava, Cheryl Lane, John Hallett and several legislators and local elected officials.

The guest speaker that evening will be Dean Skelos, New York State Minority leader. It will be guaranteed that Skelos will serve up some red meat to motivate the GOP as 2010 will be his last election cycle to regain the majority before reapportionment, which will relegate the minority party to a state of oblivion for many years to come.

His message (just a guess):
  • The Democrats in the Senate are not ready to lead as demonstrated this year.
  • The budget was disastrous this year and it passed with 32 Democrats voting in favor and 30 GOP against and claiming one vote (hint who he will name) could have stopped the budget. 
  • Voting records of certain members (hint who he will name) and their similarities to NYC voting, where is their allegiance. 
  • $13 billion increase in spending and $11 billion in taxes this year in one of the worse economic times we have seen recently was irresponsible. 
Will the message be well receive and be enough to generate enthusiasm, show up to see. Also, will Skelos provide a glimpse of perhaps a new direction the GOP would take the state in a majority leadership in the Senate - that might be refreshing to hear for a change!


Anonymous said...

I bet the GOP can't top this for October 20?

Mr. Obama plans to speak to about 50 people (in NYC) about the race and detail Mr. Owens' work to bring jobs to the north country, the official said.

It is the first fundraiser the president has headlined for a non-incumbent candidate running for a House seat.

Wow - talk about power play! This has Rahm Emanuel's fingerprints all over it.

What a deal.

woodchucksage said...

Skelos is part of the problem with the NYS GOP. He is an ineffective leader and Cox should call for his departure.

Of course, the man in waiting is Tom Libous - he can raise beaucoup bucks but he's not much of a leader either.

Don't forget that these are the clowns that stood idly by while D'Amato, Pataki and Bruno ran the Republican Party into the ground for their own desperate attempts for political and personal gain.

On the Assembly side, Tedisco is another bonehead Italian who's only looking out for himself. He never should have run for the 20th CD seat. Didn't live in the district and was too damn arroagnt to admit his own shortfalls.

Should we expect great things from Skelos or Libous or Tedisco? I think not.

Time for some new leadership in the Legislature. Does anyone have the stones to step up and tell the three phoney emperors that they have no clothes???

Anonymous said...

If those county chairs handy f@$ked up we would have had Matt Doheny as our candidate. He brought energy, new ideas, a true republican and most of all he had money to combat the liberals!

Anonymous said...

So, it really is the M O N E Y ???

I see, I see.

Anonymous said...

Why not have them in the same room, the parties cross-endorse anyway.

Anonymous said...

There really isn't a Republican party left in this state. Making judgments about how "effective" the leadership is makes little sense. We have come to a point where this should be accepted. I say let NYC complete the takeover, and bend over. The Dems rule and we want it that way. The entire system is about to implode, so hunker down, get some popcorn and watch the fun. This is what you asked for.

If you're thinkin' you'll be able to sell your property and run, methinks you've waited a bit too long. But good luck on that idea.

Don't make too much fun of that Tedisco guy. He likely would be in Congress, if we hadn't excluded the military vote. Nice move Dems. And calling him a "bonehead Italian" is a wee bit racist. But Dannie probably wouldn't recognize it, so go ahead. He doesn't really care about that military vote either. Too focused on Fox News.

woodchucksage said...

Since when is Italian a race?

Anonymous said...

3:06, that's just what we need another nyc millionare representing us. Thanks but no thanks! I'ld rather have someone dedicated to the north country than an opportunistic elitist city slicker.

Anonymous said...

between the disastrous budget, the economy, Paterson's approval ratings, Democrats' corrupt members, and the MTA bailout the republicans should be able to regain control of the senate. If they can't then they might as well close up shop and reorgnize as a different political party.

Anonymous said...

Hey Woodchuck, Tedisco has not been the Assembly Minority leader for months now...

Anonymous said...

Wow! I sure wouldn't want to miss that stellar event with the Jefferson Co. GOP. Contrast that not only to the Obama fundraiser for Bill Owens but the completely sold out St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee dinner on October 13th.
But at least the Jeff. Co. Republicans are having an event - radio silence from St. Law. County Republicans. Maybe they are really that ashamed of their congressional candidate?

Anonymous said...

That's why we called it a "wee bit". More of an ethnic slur than a racial thing. Dannie hasn't ruled on that crap yet, as it hasn't come up yet in the Donkey party. I'm not sure the Italians would like "wee bit" either, come to think of it.

Dan Francis said...

Ah, a "wee bit" that sounds more Irish than Italian to me...

I'll have a "wee bit" more whiskey, me laddie.

And make it one more for me lassie.

Anonymous said...

Hey I know let's have a 50/50 and the proceeds can go to the sales tax fund.

Anonymous said...

That was a good post, Dan.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Woodchuck. I was hoping you would elaborate on that "bonehead Italian" quote of yours. That will be a great step for a Dem party liner like you to take. Attack the Italians.

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