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Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who Cares?

Glen Beck,
Sarah Palin
Steve Forbes
Michelle Bachman
Rick Santorum
Dick Armey

And who ever else wants to chime in and give the people of the 23rd Congressional district their two cents - who really cares?

Do I really care if this election redirects the national debate on the direction one political party or another?

Do I really care if this is a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party?

Do I really care if this is a fight for the Blue Dog Democratic Party movement?

What I do care about is some of the hard line approaches taken by candidates.

For example - earmarks - it is guaranteed I do not support the current system, but until reform happens then I want my member of congress to get our fair share. Same situation with the state level member items and the leaders exclusive control of the money; the system and process is broken and needs reforming. Reform does not equal refusal.

What I do care about is Fort Drum.

What I do care about are affordable housing options in our community that depend upon a working relationships with agencies such as HUD.

What I do care about are various water and sewer system upgrades in various towns and villages that require some federal funding to maintain or upgrade.

Did I mention jobs? Ah yes, Fort Drum, jobs that depend upon people from the base getting services and products such as; oil changes, electronics, vehicles or home furnishings. Construction workers that are supported by the work in and around our area.

I do care about health care and that it is delivered to people who need it (absent of total government take over) and the quality of the facilities in our region that depend upon our member of congress.

I do care about education and even more so in a tough economy when people utilize it more while unemployed.  

Yes, Mr. Armey, I do care about the "parochial" issues, isn't funny how that works? And yes I do not care about your petty political party squabbling that you want to make this race about!

Dick, Rick, Steve, Sarah, Michelle and anyone else who wants to intrude in our 23rd Congressional race for your own selfish reasons - STAY HOME, we are bright intelligent people who can decide what is best for ourselves.


Dan Francis said...

Ivy, my dear forum owner and keen monitor of these things, you provide a good run down: but IT'S THE (outside) MONEY THAT MATTERS.

I don't mean the money earned by decent people scratching out a living here, or from other retirement income, or from public services that continues to grow, or from a dwindling state and Fed pot, either.

This race is both historical and hysterical.

Come November 4th (the day after the day before), all will be back to normal - the sniping, backbiting, whoring for money from all over the planet for a local race that actually means not much - the DEMS (if Owens wins) already hold an 80-seat majority, the GOP (if Scozzafava wins) is so far in the back row in the minority that air has to be piped to them, and if another rabid conservative wins (Hoffman) - same old same old road blocker added to the long list of road blocker .... change?

Not around here.

* Dodge, Duck, and Deceive = we have it all (our own 3-D movie).

Anonymous said...

What I care about is a bailout for Seaway Valley Capitol and Hacketts. I want earmarks to pay off their debt!!!

Anonymous said...

i keep getting "internet explorer cannot open the internet site" when I go to this site. Anyone else have that problem? It only started happening about a week ago and doesn't happen with any other sites.

Anonymous said...

What's your point, Dan? Or do you just like to hear yourself talk. As if there was any doubt on that one. It sounds like you're against all three candidates. Nothing but cliches.

It seems to me that people want something different. That CHANGE thing that worked for the Great One is what is on the minds of voters. They don't want a Donkey. They don't want a lady Donkey. They want someone else. Someone who says he won't spend money we don't have. Why not give him a try?

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:16 you hit it on the head, Don't forget more money for JCC. and DANC.

Dan Francis said...

Any SEIU posters or readers here today - if so, listen up:

I got their attack flyer from Syracuse in the mail today ...on a neat-looking 8 1/2 x 11 flat flyer that cost a ton to mail.

Says Dede is out of touch, doesn't understand NY families and voted "No" on health care, Rx overhaul, and loves Bush policies...

Says we can't afford her, but interestingly enough - they DO NOT advocate for anyone. Just against.

The irony is that "hide and seek dollar Bill Owens" DOESN'T support the DEMS plan which might include the so-called public option and that 60-70% of the country says reform bill should include.

Who's out of touch? 1199 SEIU for sure.

They have no guts to say they support Dollar Bill while attacking ... this is the part of politics I loathe.

Dan Francis said...

I clicked on to the YouTube video link at Dede's site for her campaigning with Sen. Susan Collins and got this message:

Site is Private

Earthbob said...

Remember when parochial used to mean regional?

There are issues that bind the Congressional District that borders Canada from Oswego to Plattsbugh.

But, there are local regional issues that are different to the St Lawrence River residents than those issues that impact district residents on the Eastern side of the Adirondacks.

I do see a red herring in those that blame the candidates for using outside district campaign money for mailers and TV ads.

One candidate is using an extensive Field Canvass.

I respectfully remind readers that the two recent Aubertine Campaigns used Field Canvasses, too.

Aside from the attributes a candidate possesses, the skills of a campaign organization focuses the election impact.

A Field Canvasser can contact between 100 - 200 voters daily.

There is a significant difference between a person having a conversation as they hand you campaign literature than being barraged by mailers in the post box.

When pundits speculated how to contact unaffiliated voters, they describe mailers and TV ads, but overlook the power of Canvass Contact.

As this election moves to the GOTV Phase, it has progressed beyond the other candidates capacity to make a canvass go out and persuade voters.

How is it the campaign technique is overlooked by the opponents once again?

If it works, why not adopt it?

During the Aubertine elections, the opponents complained about the use of professional canvassers.

This reminds me of the British complaining about our frigates, like Old Ironsides, as being unfair because of their design.

As our local political parties fracture over how to obtain outside money, we continue to suffer from the lack of knowledge of where our candidates stand.

What will they do when transmission lines must have right a ways to move power through our localities and on towards downstate?

If someone comes to your door: ASK!

LiberalLaugh said...

"we are bright intelligent people who can decide what is best for ourselves. "

Which is why you picked Dede!


Anonymous said...

There's the Bahawaaaaa guy.

Where you been, bro?

Missed you.

Anonymous said...

EB, you said the British complained because Old Ironsides was an unfair design. Was that because of the wood used? Please elaborate on that. Thanks.

Or was it the construction process?

Anonymous said...

6:09 PM
It was not built using union people.Therfore it was bad,shoddy design, poor craftmanship and cheaply built.

Anonymous said...

That IS funny,7:10. But EB, really, tell us what you know.

Anonymous said...

Danny, you've been saying a lot about who and what you disagree with. Who do you support?

It looks like you're a Dede vote.
You've been hard on Owens and Hoffman.

Anonymous said...

Wake up, all this and more is available on post. If sales tax keeps going up that's where they'll shop. CUT SPENDING

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