"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, October 23, 2009

True Colors

Hoffman wagon coming unhitched?

It appears when you get down to the issues and beyond the rhetoric that may be the case.

This kind of says it all.

The problem with this easy cruise is Hoffman. He's not particularly nimble, in terms of his presentation, and it's not apparent that he has a particularly good grasp of the issues. I found this when we spoke about health care, and Jude Seymour seemed struck by some of Hoffman's non-answers before the editorial board of the Watertown Daily Times.

Read more here

But the real story of the race is another poll that shows Hoffman down 12 points, a gap that can only be closed in the final days of this race with a Hail Mary pass! You are not likely to win a race when you are down 12 points with a little over a week to go.

Hoffman is

Scozzafava is still very much a contender to win this race, statistically a dead heat between her and Invisi-Bill Owens.

The numbers: Owens 35%, Scozzafava 30%, and Hoffman 23%, with a ±4% margin of error. This is consistent with last week's Siena poll, which had Owens ahead by 33%-29%-23%.

Read more here

People waffling - a  vote for Hoffman is a vote of Owens, Hoffman can't win.

....hmmmm does that mean by extension you can tie him to Nancy Pelosi like he attempts to tie Scozzafava to her.


Bob Johnson said...

Any candidate that can not answer for himself and only repeats and parrots talking points can only best be described as Winston Churchill did the British government of the day: "Decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent."

I might not agree with a candidate's politics but I am certainly not going to vote for gutless cowards who hide behind handlers and can't answer for themselves.

Dan Francis said...

It should have been the issues all along - not anything else.

Now all those chickens are coming home to roost (a week before the election) and as they say, "They can't handle the stinkin' issues.")!

Sad isn't it? Why?

Once they get into office IT'S ALWAYS GONNA BE THE ISSUES ... then it really matters.

hermit thrush said...

careful, piv. you're linking to the left-leaning talkingpointsmemo.com, and the poll was commissioned by the great orange satan itself, dailykos. obviously, the numbers have been twisted to inflate owens's support and deflate hoffman's. hoffman must surely be in the lead by now. i mean, what other explanation could there be?

Anonymous said...

Why do you people care so very much about something that doesn't matter? Owens will rubber stamp Pelosi and the Great One. Dede is just another Donkey, and Hoffman will be treated as someone who doesn't belong to the silver spoon crowd. You know, the government types who always know what is best for us but never take part, as in having their own retirement and health care systems. Yet the Bobs and the Dans think this is all great meaningful stuff. Get a life. We gave ours away when we bought in to this Donkey/Elephant/Us/Them deal. I don't imagine the party liners can comprehend how stupid we are. They must have snickering parties all the time, financed with our money no doubt.

Oh yeah, I'll get back on Dannie's point. Issues, issues, Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way. Klernit, I saw you at 11 o'clock on a bird clock the other day. I almost fell down. It had a picture of you and everything. I says, "I know that guy". You didn't look nearly as threatening as you sound on de blogs. I was tempted to push the hour hands just to hear the sound. Enjoy the weekend.

Dan Francis said...

Bob Johnson: Dr. Bob I presume? If so, welcome... and great quote.

I agree.

Dan Francis said...

Hoffman or Dede: unhinged or unhitched or toast? Remains to be seen... but with friends like this, who needs enemies, right?

GOP Eating Itself

We hit the bigtime didn't we and we didn't even ask for this attention? We just brought it on all by our little lonesome?


Dan Francis said...

TRUE COLORS? Okay, fair enough ... nice title.

So I ask you, plead with you, nay, beg you to take 5 minutes - 5 measley minutes out of your busy day and watch this 5-minute video and then ask:

"Whose side am I on, really?"

Am I with Fox or the country's side and our future? Not a tough call, really.


Dan Francis said...

Ooops I forgot the 5-minue video...

Fox Caught Lying (again)

Dan Francis said...

Conservative Long nailed by Chris Matthews on HARDBALL

Mike Long - 1/2 face of the GOP

Note he can't even pronounce Dede's name.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dan, he fought in the trenches, or was it the motor pool, all those years for freedom. Then, as it turned out, he really did'nt want freedom. He wanted his government to control information. He wanted his own country to be just like the nations he was defending against. He wanted his prez, as long as he was of his own political party, to decide how stories should read. He wanted some subjects ignored, others put on the front page. As long as people of Dan's choice decided what was covered and how it was covered, Dannie was happy. So all those years that Dan was "defending the constitution" were a joke. More importantly than lying to others, he was lying to himself. That's gotta be a tough thing to deal with.

I would hate Fox News too if I were you, Dannie. They taught you something about yourself you didn't want to know. That's the worse lesson of all.

Anonymous said...

I'm now doin' the Dan dance. One snippet of baloney at a time. Sorry.

What's this Bob Johnson guy doing quoting Winston Churchill? The two have nothing in common. I'm sure Winston would be a great fan of Bob's love of big government. And Dan does a lip lock. Whataya lookin' for, free healthcare? Wees already take care of everything for ya, Dannie. You don't need to suck up to anybody.

Anonymous said...

Jesu Dan, get a life!!!! 6 posts, 5 in a row!!!! Start hanging at Pete's or something productive. Write a book of memoirs. Get a friggin life. Please.

Anonymous said...

$100,000 in 24 hours for Dug Out Doug since Palin said, "I support Hoffman."

Then this:

Bigtime GOPers Jump Ship

Anonymous said...

Yup, Chris Matthews, isn't he the guy who gets tingles in his leg when the Great One speaks. He's a real balanced reporter he is.

Anonymous said...

7:00 Pm
I watched 5 min of the drag queen dan,where was the lie?

Anonymous said...

Wake up to this tomorrow - more from the other arm of the GOP ... dirt diggers?

Dede Funnels Money to Family


More on Dede Funneling Money to Family in FL

This is not pretty stuff, folks. Not my links - just stuff I found posted.

Anonymous said...

He's dropped not only the Marine prop but his own name too.

Dan Francis said...

10:43 ... Thanks for your support and suggestions, but ....

I already wrote a book (A Memoir, too) ... you can read it on-line free (it is currently out of print).

936 reads on-line to date.

Last Ride Home - A Memoir of the Vietnam War FREE ON-LINE

Anonymous said...

The guy is like that battery bunny. There's no stoppin' him. Imagine what it's like to live with him. His wife must be a saint.

Anonymous said...

The guy is like that battery bunny. There's no stoppin' him. Imagine what it's like to live with him. His wife must be a saint.

Anonymous said...

Knowin' my man Dan, he probably read his own memoirs 900 times online just to make it look good.

Dan Francis said...

2:46 - moron ... I wrote it - no need to cheat on the reading numbers report ... but the checks for the sales was darn good.

I bet you didn't know I donated a pretty big chunk to the Red Cross for Kataria relief, did you?

And, I presume you bought one?


Anonymous said...

Yup, Katoria relief. He donated the proceeds to a storm he can't even name. We believes ya, Dan. You're a feelin' kinda guy.

And we kind of assumed you wrote it. That's usually the case.

Fox News Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:57 I tried three times now to post comments on your links but it will not allow anything bad about Mr. Hoffman. I have to ask how people feel it is ok to pay himself out of his donations??? I think the people in the 23rd need to start looking at who has been there for them for the past 11 years and understands what live in the north country is like. People need to stop listening to all these groups and endorsments from outside the district. They all have there own adgenda and it doesnt include any help for us.
Mr. Hoffman says he will not accept any earmarks. Well I have a big problem with that. Until there is earmark reform we need someone bring what they can home with them.
The funny thing is that all these outside groups and talk show host are trying to get a man from outside the district elected. A vote for Hoffman only helps put another dem stamp for O.

Dan Francis said...

Katarina, Katharina (my wife's name), Katoria (your misspelling, Kataria (my misspelling), or "Katrina" (correct spelling)... join my poor speller club - our motto:

Poor spellers of the world:
"U N T I E ..."

Anonymous said...

Francis got 936 reads- reminds me of teh HD Thoreau quote, "My library consists of 907 books, 900 of which I wrote myself!" Dan, I see now why you haven't been elected. You're too touchy.


Dan Francis said...

3:47 - Jim: nice common name.

I'm not touchy at all - just responding to correct the record or in the case of some 'other' Anonymous posters, to defend myself ...

Basically I don't like to leave anything unresolved or in doubt ... I don't respond to every post ... but to many, yes.

what? You have a problem with that? Be honest in your response.

Anonymous said...

It's a simple anger control issue, mixed with an out of control ego. Not a good combination, especially for a prospective office holder. I think we're now safe in that regard. He's talked enough.

The entire campaign is a problem. I certainly don't know as much as many of you do about the details of each candidate. And I'm very aware of those of you who say a vote for Hoffman is a vote for Pelosi. That could very well be true. I'll think it over this week. But right now I'm leaning against voting for either of the main candidates, and going with Hoffman. We have to try something different. Dede won't make any changes, Owens certainly won't. It'll be tax and spend and hide just as he has done during his campaign. And Dede is endorsed by NYSUT. That's just great for people who are trying to pay their bills. Again, don't we have to try something different? How long can we keep pretending we can raise taxes and fees?

Anonymous said...

7:39 PM
It's very simple follow your gut and the answer is right in front of you. Forget party because they are basically the same .Don't forget anything they say is most likely a lie or half truth.Just hear the half you agree with.And as far as pelosi, that idiot has nothing to do with NNY thank god.I wish we could rid ourselves of nancy schumer.

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