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Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, October 1, 2009

There They Go Again

Instead of getting out in front of their candidate, defining her and controlling the message the tail (Hoffman campaign) is wagging the dog (Scozzafava campaign) like a puppy chewing a shoe.

The Club for Growth has introduced a new ad for Hoffman today with the same old tired message and the Scozzafava campaign workers are crazy running around dropping press releases (below) responding to the ad.

“Dishonest Doug is probably demoralized by today’s poll numbers, which show he’s totally unelectable. Still, that’s no excuse for Dishonest Doug and his special interest supporters to distort Dede’s record of principled leadership. Someone should probably let Dishonest Doug know that perpetuating lies with $250,000 in special interest money won’t make them true. Voters of the 23rd Congressional District, where Dishonest Doug doesn’t even live, are already rejecting his negative campaign.”

Television Ad
Claim: Narrator: “In Albany, Scozzafava voted for bank bailouts and last year’s huge Paterson tax-and-spend budget.”
Text on screen: “Scozzafava Backs Paterson Budget”
Facts: David Paterson did not become Governor until March 17, 2008.  The 2008-2009 Executive Budget the Club For Growth cites in its advertisement was introduced by then-Governor Spitzer on January 22, 2008. It was NOT David Paterson’s budget.  The only budget David Paterson introduced was this year’s, which Dede voted against – in its entirety.  The ad is false.

Who the heck cares which Governor introduced what budget? They missed the whole point! Let Hoffman crash and burn on his own, it will happen if you quit reacting and providing their campaign credence. Today's Siena poll found 71% of the people in the district do not even know Hoffman, yet this ad released today does not even mention him. His campaign does not have a message other than I am not Dede.  IGNORE THEM.

Get on message folks, define your candidate, start taking some stances on issues and make your opponents react; tell people they she will not support the current direction the federal government is moving, tell people she does not support any more bailouts, buyouts or government control of private sector business, craft a health care position, on and on.

Get some marketing out on the internet, TV, radio, direct mail, etc that carries a message, just get with it!


Anonymous said...

so what's up with the sales tax shortage as reported yesterday in the WDT? What's going to be done about that? I'm selling all my property so my taxes dont go up any farther.

Anonymous said...

You can't do that, 4:21. We likes taxes. Why else would we continue to return every politician from school board to Gov every year when they raise taxes and spending every year? We must like it. Someone does.

Anonymous said...

dede needs some campaign cash for ads. Why don't pataki or guliani host a fundraiser? They're both rinos so neither should have an objection.

woodchucksage said...

The idiot Conservtive tail has been wagging the similarly stupid Republican dog since the Conservatives took credit for electing Pataki (like that phoney was ever a conservative).

They're all whores who will sell their souls ot th next election. Mike Long is just another rich, out of touch fatcat who wants Republicans to kiss his ring.

The Conservative chairman in St. Lawrence County is just like him. How many members does the figging Conservative party have? About 500 in St. Lawrence County and a few thousand in the state. They couldn't even hold onto Row C on the ballot!!

The party is yesterday's news and it's time for the GOP to stand up to them and tell to stick their endorsements where the sun don't shine.

Dede needs to get her head out and stand on her own two feet. She needs to tell the GOP "experts" in Albany and Washington (who can't find their ass with both hands) to get the hell out of the way so she can run her own campaign.

Dede, tell the voters who you are, what you've done and what you stand for.

Apologize for the mistake of backing gay marriage and Card Check (the Washington union bosses won't support you over the Dem anyway, no matter who you're married to), get some "small c" conseratives back in your corner and win this damn election!

Anonymous said...

The FACT is they have NO MONEY!!!!!!!!

Dan Francis said...

Wood_Chuck: Tells Dede to "tell us who you are (stand on your own)(implying principles," and then in the same breath tells her to apologize for her views on certain issues.

Sir, when one holds strong principled views that may clash with anyone else on any subject, they SHOULD and MUST not apologize for those principled views that they hold.

That would be totally wrong. Like saying your wife was almost pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Almost pregnant happens every day.
Just like almost budget cuts.

Anonymous said...

What I have been saying from the start - they have no money - Dede can't raise it and is proving to be disastrous for the GOP.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sales Tax the lifeblood of local govt., Got a local Assemblyperson to sponsor the increase, blame it on her???, We all share in this, we all want our programs, our friends employed in one of those govt. jobs, yet when we have to pay the piper we hollar, go figure.

Anonymous said...

5:05 0505050 is on it. No matter where you stand on any of our troubles, there's a reason NY stands above most everybody in screwing ourselves with government. Reason is, we like it. We like free stuff. We want the programs, hell our daughter with the sociology degree might become the executive director. We want all the free stuff we can get. Grants for this and that. And if you run a bidness, you want to do that addition on the taxpayers back. No matter who you is, you deserve a break.

And as 5:05 says, we then bitcha bout the bill and blame the politicians. They just bribed us with our own money. Is that their fault?

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