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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Watertown Defeats Plattsburgh

Football or Politics?

Well, for now it is football with the Watertown Red and Black defeating the Plattsburgh Northstars for the EFL football championship, but soon another race will determine whether or not Watertown can repreat over Plattsburgh in the 23rd Congressional race.

The race may just simply come down to access - where do you want your Representative in Congress to come from, next door or 3 hours away?

In race after political race North Country voters have shown parochialism is a strong factor in determining their choice for office!

So here is a continuation of rooting for the home team - Congratulations Red and Black


Anonymous said...

There you go again. Making generalized statements with no basis in fact. Saying that voters generally base their votes on where the candidates live. LOL. Guess your GOP bias colors everything you say and do. Too bad. Thankfully the majority of voters are smarter and more strategic than you.

And in case any of your readers are thinking about voting for Dede because you think she is 'progressive' on the issues like choice and same sex marriage - Please take a moment to read a little bit about the person she is 'proud' to have a recent endorsement from - former Republican Study Committee Chair Jeb Hensarling of Texas. You will find that he is pro-life, anti-same sex marriage, anti stem cell, voted no on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation, voted YES on making Patriot Act permanent, got a 17% NEA rating for voting against interests of public schools.

But hey, don't take my word for it - go to this website http://www.ontheissues.org/TX/Jeb_Hensarling.htm read it and weep! And Dede is crowing about this jerk's endorsement???

Goes to prove that she stands for absolutely nothing except getting herself elected with a nice raise.

Anonymous said...

Don't interfere with the party with partisan drival, 12:37. If you were at the Red and Black game, you had a great time.

Great defensive struggle. Hats off to our line in both directions. The middle boys on defense played big. Some butt was definitely kicked. Defensive secondary, no mistakes. Nice job Red and Black. A great evening of fun.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the agruement that makes sense...

I find it funny that NNY voted for Darrel because, "He's one of us." Now they'll vote for a trial lawyer from three hours away...is he "one of us?"

No, he's not "one of us"...he's a Democrat and these partisans only want Democrat's elected not the best person or "one of us."

I for one am tired of being used by these partisan hacks and lied to because someone is "one of us." I know this lawyer ain't from here and nothing these slick ads say can change my mind.

Don't believe the hype NNY - stand up for someone who truly is "one of us" - Dede Scozzafava.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was about Red and Black football.

Yeah yeah. GOPers, one of us, "smarter and strategic" bs, ok already.

Something good happens with our guys and you wanna talk politics.
Dumb. 29 years folks!!

Name something good that's happened in 29 years in NNY politics. Dumbasses.

Our guys did a great job.
Congrats to Red and Black!

Anonymous said...

what has DeDe DONE while in office? think of something...forget party and what sex sleeps with what sex, tell me what she has DONE

Anonymous said...

So what’s a good Democrat or Republican to do. Neither main stream party candidate reflects the preponderant views of the nominating party.

Bill Owens doesn’t believe in the public option for healthcare and therefore does not support the President and both Owens and Scozzafava will deny the most basic civil right of a secret ballot just to pander to the unions, yet another special interest. Both are sell outs. Owens another sleaze bag lawyer and Scozzafava a manipulating politician.

Then there is Bill Hoffman, third party candidate. What’s he going to do. Well, nothing. He’s there for one year and then the Democrats and Republicans will choose a legitimate candidate by primary next year. At least Hoffman is not going to do any harm. For the Democrats he’ll vote with the Republicans in the minority in the House. He’ll have no voice, no influence. For the Republicans he’s a caretaker – a stand in until a legitimate candidate is chosen by primary. If Scozzafava is elected, she’s there for life, or until the 23rd goes away. If Owens wins, he’ll be primaried by a real Democrat handing the seat back to a Republican for two years.

Bottom line: by default, Hoffman’s the best we can do this time around. Can’t help, but won’t hurt. It will also send a message to the mainstream parties' leadership: send us legitimate candidates.

BTW -- I'll bet dollars to donuts that Obama is a no show for Owens.

Anonymous said...

8:37 BTW congrats to Red and Black and sorry the moderator of this blog injected politics into his post.

Better save your money - Obama will be there for Owens just as VP Joe Biden was last month.

Owens has never said he was not for a public option - just that it cannot bankrupt the country or the middle class taxpayers. That;'s why he has criteria to judge the bill by and is not willing to pander to people who just want yes for an answer regardless of the consequences.

You make the case for why electing Dede is a dumbass move at best. But you totally miss the boat on Owens. He is the most legitimate candidate we have seen in a long, long time. The people of the 23rd CD don't need or want a 'caretaker'. We cannot afford business as usual anymore. We need Bill Owens, someone who is bright, articulate, in the majority and willing to stand up and fight for what's right.

Anonymous said...


You always made me puke up dinner. What has Owens or Hoffman done - that is right NOTHING! Neither have not held office. If you buy into Owens' claims that he created 2,000 jobs then you are gullible. So what did Owens do sit around while Plattsburgh AFB went through BRAC and closed then he save the community. Kiss my backside! I do not want someone in Congress who will sit around and watch if Fort Drum goes through another BRAC round.

Anonymous said...

And yes Congratulations to Red and Black

Anonymous said...

8:52 Owens clearly voiced his opposition to the public option. See here. You've been duped by a lawyer. How do you know when a lawyer's lying: his lips are moving.

Now go ahead, say it. "I must have been wrong."

Dan Francis said...

7:45 -- well, well, we agree on this at least...

I knew this back in August at Blue Mountain Lake -- fell on deaf ears -- the DCCC drowned me out... along with 'insiders' not tied to me. (get it?) -- probably not.

Another lawyer in Congess? Like putting gas on a fire to put it out.

Anonymous said...

I'll name something good, two things.
Jim Wright miscalculated and Darrel got elected.

Blogs were invented and now we can see that adults still "think" like children. Brains are in short supply.

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