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Monday, October 5, 2009

No Show

Democrat, Independence, Democrat in waiting candidate Bill Owens was a no show at a voter's forum held in his hometown.

Owens who has been evasive on the issues and consistently answered questions on issues with - I'll have to read more on it or I'll have to review it further - failed to show up for a forum that would have flushed answers out on issues important to the voter's of the 23rd Congressional district.

Someone needs to organize another forum and the candidates stances on issues should be known to voters. Glossy commercials should not be the determining factor in who you vote for in this election. If Owens continues to hide how could anyone vote for him?

Owens No Show


Anonymous said...

He can hide all he wants,not a chance in hell of me votinfor him.

Anonymous said...

Owens message is as deep as a fresh coat of paint from a bunch of paid democratic strategists. I think the general population is waking up to the DNC playbook.

Dan Francis said...

"Voter's forum?" LOL

Surely you jest... those "Town Mauls" (Tea Parties) are a disgrace ... they are not about not feature concerned citizens -- not at all.

The FAUX nitwork hags with their Beck's and Hannity's and Limbaugh's and a few others have whipped these confused people into a frenzy w/o any real foundation about issues or direction to any future except one that is disoriented like a bunch of drunks just dealing in sound bytes and misinformation or worse: disinformation.

But, candidates should not skip these events, either ... that shows cowardness on their part in my view ... if they can't take the heat - stay away from the kitchen as Harry Truman once quipped.


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Based on Owens' no-show, and Hoffman's remarks on 'Getting freedoms back" and the nonsense pledge not to take earmarks, I think this round goes to DeDe.

Anonymous said...

Dan Francis you need to dial into your own party first these days as both parties look towards fiscal conservatism and both attend the tea parties. Nice try though.

Dan Francis said...

2:30 - "tooth hurty?"

Actually with all my years of USMC and DOD (Army civilian) service I think you'd be surprised: I'm pretty fiscally conservative...

I'm not cut from the rabid cloth made from bullhockey, though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right Dannie. You're a fiscal conservative alright. You never met a program you didn't like yet you call yourself a conservative. In these days I guess people, especially you, are free to say whatever they want.

Glad to see you stay on topic with yet another puke-up of anti Fox News bs. What that has to do with Owens ducking a public forum is beyond me. Then, in the same breath, you admit he should have gone. Are we confused?

Why, Sir, are you so threatened by Fox News? Why are you so afraid? You and yours have had a monopoly on information for years. And this competition sends you into a frenzy. Is it because their ratings are so high, and your old favorites are dying so quickly?

Try to give a stable response that remains on topic.

If not, my compliments on the "nitwork" thing. That was really good work. Kind of second grade intoxicated but ok on your standards.

Anonymous said...

Dan while I almost always agree with you, 'Elvis has left the building'.

PIV's posts and comments, and his one, maybe two, sycophants are all that remain here now.

Notice how PIV does not post his blog hits anymore.

Political IV said...

PIV's posts and comments, and his one, maybe two, sycophants are all that remain here now.

Point in fact - last Thursday's hits were 464, Friday 346, consistently it is 200+.

Thanks for prompting me.

Dan Francis said...

6:52... I am not threatened by FAUX Gnus... but I fear for those who worship at that alter with blind trust and absolute faith just because "Glenn said so; or it's on Hannity's America, etc."

Fox spews garbage and yes, I catch it from time to time to see the crap that flows -- that's when I get my fresh supply of ammo ready for -- to combat their BS'ing.

If you can't see the hate and discontent they spew then my friend, you are sad, sad shape in the noggin department. Seek help and take them off your cable subscription lineup...

Bob Johnson said...

To be blunt, what's going on with the press. Where are all the interviews pinning the congressional candidates down on the issues. This is turning into a Madison Avenue PR sham. People are asking and not getting answers. There is not even a last minute proforma debate scheduled. The candidates are all speaking in vague generalities. This is more like a high school student council election than a federal congressional campaign.

I have not heard one ounce of substance in this campaign. The electorate has every right to be cynical.

Earthbob said...

The 23rd is a very large district.

What are the people in Oswego, Malone, Tupper Lake, Plattsburgh or other locations hearing from the candidates?

Is it different from the candidates' messages presented in Watertown?

Why are our local journalists not tracking this point of view?

This is an important election that affects us in our area by voters near Vermont.

Local television seems content to cover who travels through Watertown.

In reality, our local journalists were caught flat footed by the Owens selection, and had little knowledge about Hoffman's entry.

What will happen election night when the candidates hover around their home bases? Victory parties are not likely to be in Watertown.

Will our local journalists leave us in the dark election night?

Dan Francis said...

Nicely stated, Dr. Bob.

~ dan

Dan Francis said...

Earth: I neglected to say, Good post.

This "race (if we can call it a race)" is a huge (and about to become) a very expensive "PR" race ..."

Issues: we don't need no stinkin' issues... Not much else.

Dan Francis said...

I bet Owens "shows" for this on Oct 20 (Obama to hold fundraiser for Owens in NYC with 50 people) - kaching - $100,000 I'd bet?

Anonymous said...

I got it, Dannie.
Fox is bad. Rachel Maddow is good.

You can only stand hearing it one way.

Seems such a shame that you wasted so many years of your life fighting for choice for our country when you really didn't believe in it.

And you call us stupid?

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