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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where Are They Now

The etiquette patrol only seems to appear to criticize the Republicans. It is funny how they are never around when the Democrats have diarrhea of the mouth.

Central Florida freshman Congressman Alan Grayson props and all!

Followed up in an interview on CNN with
Republicans he believes are obstructing health care reform are "foot-dragging, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals."

Mr Grayson it is your party that has control of every policy making piece of the federal government - President, Senate and House - pass the bills that you feel are necessary. If Democrats feel discourse and debate on major legislation is unnecessary, by all means pass the bills.


Dan Francis said...

Sorry, IVY, a bit long, but this post hit me pretty hard. I almost had to seek CPR after I read it.

In part, you write:

“Mr. Grayson, it is your party that has control of every policy making piece of the federal government – President, Senate and House – pass the bills that you feel are necessary.

“If Democrats feel discourse and debate on major legislation is unnecessary, by all means pass the bills.”

Wow ... “Unnecessary discourse?”

You gotta be kidding. If anything, and the record is very clear on this point: Mr. Obama and a few leading DEM committee chairs have bent over backwards seeking “discourse and debate” but each time they have (i.e., health care best example right now), they get their fingernails ripped out.

There is nothing, zero, nada, nil – not a damn thing this president can put forth that will not summarily be shot down by the GOP ... “failure is their option.” Maybe not an option in Afghanistan, but it sure is an option in Congress.

I hate all this rabid partisanship, really I do ... but for Christ's sake, let's work together.

But, “together for the good of the country and all of us” seems to be only a campaign slogan.

I offer my further take here:

Billions for Narrow Views

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Tal about a bit of a long winded response. The point is, Dan, go ahead and show some nerve, Democrats. You've got the numbers. That is the point PIV and many others are making. Rather than run their mouths as Grayson did, talking about how Republicans just "want people to die". Show some guts, take a vote, pass the bill as you see fit, and stand behind it. Seems pretty straighforward to me. And Dan, not sure how good you were in math, but with the numbers as they are, the GOP doesn't get to "shoot down" anything. Mix a little fact with your baloney.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 5:11 -- Rep. Grayson and others are absolutely correct ...

So, you tell me: "How many health care reform alternatives has the GOP put forth?

Please don't cite an amendment like Sen. Hatch (R-UT) put forth that said it only applied to states beginning with the letter "U" (hint: only Utah, which is his state)...

My "side" as you say has been waiting and hoping for alteratives ... for a good bi-partisan bill -- all they get is roadblocks and Rep. Grayson finally decided to challenge them on it...

I agree with him... not necessarily his choice of words or slide show, but his intention is right on.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Dannie, the GOP got "shot down" when they attempted to introduce legislation that required Congress to post what they were voting on 72 hours before a vote. Your party rejected that. In your usual way, you're telling less than half the story. C'mon now, be honest. The Donkeys control everything. Take responsibility for it. That's the problem with winning elections with story telling. You find yourself with nowhere to hide, despite the verbage from folks like you.

Dan Francis said...

7:49 ... yes, I really wish the DEMS would RIGHT NOW, say to the GOP: f**k you; here are the bills, take 'em or leave 'em ... we're done waiting on you to help serve the country in positive way.

Take your hate, distrust, and vile thoughts and deeds and speech and actions someplace else.

Scat - shoo.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Dan.

It is about time for the Democrats to use the clear mandate that they have been given by the American people. They should ram any and all bills through Congress to further Pres. Obama's agenda for the improvement of America.

If they simply use their clear majority, we can look forward a newer and better country. Whether it's single payer healthcare, cap and tax, more stringent gun laws, 2nd stimulus package, executive pay caps or foreclosure protections, the strike is NOW.

Dan Francis said...

8:00 -- I don't necessarily agree with "ramming" through those things you "suggest" or post with tongue in cheek in a cynical fashion ... but we need a new direction on several key issues - in short because the status quo is not working -- it's broken:

* Healthcare if not reformed and not controlled will bankrupt us.

* The economy is still on the edge of the shitter. This is priority #1 along side healthcare.

* The two wars (are draining us, too)... both must be resolved.

The latest catch phrase which brings back flashbacks to me "Win the hearts and minds in Afghanistan," makes me sick.

If that were true, how come the North Vietnamese killed so many South Vietnamese trying to win their hears and minds ...

Or how come so many North Koreans killed South Koreans in 1950 trying to win their hearts and minds?

Or now in Afghan with one tribe over another trying to win their hearts and minds?

Winning in war once it's started means winning it militarily and not pussy-footing around with "political solutions" otherwise don't go to war the way we did - defend ourselves... absolutely -- but to start and not finish? Disaster in the making.

If politics works and fighting does not; then how come we invaded Iraq and didn't sustain the politics we were using that was working?

We have a lot on the table but cynicism should not be one of them!

~ finis.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, Gentleman Dannie, when faced with disagreement, responds with his usual "f*ck you".

Simple situation. Your party controls things. Your party has no nerve to act without getting the GOP to cover for them, as they know we don't want what you are selling. The Dems are too cowardly to proceed, thus they send their thugs out to call people names. You can identify with that, Mr Francis. Then you blame the Reps for resisting the initiatives.

One thing you won't see your party propose, TORT REFORM. I wonder why Dannie? You wanna cry about that or just continue with the profanity?

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the Dems did not get a clear mandate - because they did not say what they would do.

Obama has not wanted discourse. He will talk to the Republicans but true discourse is give and take. Obama and his party has not had any give. There is nothing the Repblicans can say that the Obama would say -- hey good point. (Case in point, why is tort reform off the table?)

If you disagree you are racist, you are a far right lunatic, you are a hired hand of the fringe of the party. Any nasty labels are fine because the press will never point out the hypocrisy of their positions.

Dan Francis said...

6:50 -- sure "cap" liability (tort reform the GOP pushes), go ahead... and that $250,000 they always scream about? Sure, why not?

That is until someone like you 6:50 is in the hospital and the Doctor removes the wrong lung, or limb or whatever... or removes your wife's breast only to find out she never had cancer in the first place. (the are actual examples)... then it matters what the settlement is.

$250,000 for a leg, arm, breast or wrong other body part removed...

Hey, knock yourself out ... but BTW: TORT REFORM: THAT'S A STATE ISSUE; not a FEDERAL ONE ...

Gotcha'... (bet cha' didn't know that, either)... LOL

Anonymous said...

No comment about the profanity, Dannie? I understand.

Civil moments?

The reason tort reform is never mentioned on any level is that your party is owned by lawyers. You know, stand up guys like John Edwards. And speaking of cancer, Dannie. Funny you should choose a wife with cancer as an example, as cancer with Mrs Edwards really slowed down that boy didn't it? I love it when folks like you go all emotional when the bottom line is laced with people like this. Maybe next time you will take a minute and THINK before responding? Nahhhh. Not our man Dan.

You want some Federal suggestions? How about allowing insurance companies to sell in more states. There is no reason a rural PA customer gets to pay lots less than a NY rural customer. It's just your buddy, the govment, looking out for the guy in NY.

The real point is everything should be on the table. With you and yours, it's all about more programs. Run by a government that screws up most everything it touches. But you, as a retired war hero, will have your own health insurance. You will have your own system no matter what happens. I guess it sucks to be anyone but you.

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