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Monday, October 19, 2009

Armey Heading To NY-23

Dick Armey is headed for the Congressional district to campaign for Hoffman.

Read: Dick Armey Heads to NY-23 for Hoffman

Meanwhile, Representative Peter King speaks the truth - just look at the polls. Hoffman surged in the last poll before which Dede lead, then as he gained points they came at the expense of Scozzafava and now Owens leads. Typical narrow minded party politics that will split a party and land the opposition in the seat.
In a statement, King made the case that voting for Hoffman will only help Democrat Bill Owens win.
“Dede is the only Republican candidate in this race, and the only candidate with a proven record that Republicans can trust in Washington,” King said. “A vote for either of her opponents is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and her far-left, radical agenda.”


Dan Francis said...

* Dick Armey could be bad news for Hoffman, maybe not in this region, per se, but on a much larger level and scale of keen politial thinking.

* Armey is behind the so-called "Tea Bag" movement (via his well-funded FREEDOM WORKS project - with a lot of Steve Forbes money in play).

* Armey and Sen. DeMint (R-SC) joined Rep. Joe "You Lie" Wilson (R-SC) at many recent Tea Bag rallies.

DeMint of course is famous for his anti-Obama wish in the form of this statement:

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Waterloo!”

DeMint said to a wave of roaring applause, referring to a widely quoted comment he made earlier this summer, professing hope that President Obama would fail in his quest for health care overhaul.

DeMint said then: “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.”

That kind of support for Hoffman? In the immortal words of Geo. W. Bush: "Being 'em on."

The nastiness I predicted, is now coming to a campaign near you.

* Note all the outside influence? Some say it can't hurt, right?

Wait until one of these yahoos gets into office and then watch them work their talent.

Anonymous said...

Peter King is an idiot! He has no idea what a republican is.Calling scozzafova a republican is like calling obama an american.

Anonymous said...

Dede should not of had motor mouth Peter King speak on her behalf. 'Old Petey' is exactly what is wrong with the Republican party today. All bravado and no brain.

Anonymous said...

"Peter King is an idiot! He has no idea what a republican is.Calling scozzafova a republican is like calling obama an american."
There you have it folks. The mindset of a typical Hoffman supporter. Not very impressive, is it?

Dan Francis said...

These two stories underscore why the national GOP, and in some respects, local GOP is in deep trouble...

Dede Calls Cops on Reporter

Malikin Blasts Dede (again)


Dan Francis said...

Ask the congressional candidates about this issue, if you get the chance (in public):

Bush Redux or Obama's Change???

Dan Francis said...

Hey, maybe Mr. Armey and other hardcore conservatives will not consider "conservative" Bill Owens?

Obama Raises Money for Conservative Dem - Owens

What a frickin' hoot - what a frickin' mess...

11-County DEMS: Are you listening? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself ...

One major issue: Owens against the public option for health care should take him out ... now.

Anonymous said...

Did you here Scozzafava's union thug husband call the reporter "insane". He was asking her questions she did not want to answer -- like will you throw the American right to a secret ballot election down the drain for the sake of her union boss husband so he can rake more off the top. Shameful. She needs to drop out now and save the party.

See here: http://www.wwnytv.com/news/local/65071692.html

Anonymous said...

9:21 AM
You missed the point meathead!Actually I am leaning to the independent.I do not like what the republican party has become.I figure giving the dems the whole show they will cause the country to implode on themselves and they are well on their way.Thus pulling the rinos back where they belong.I have heard many times this election makes no dif either way but it will set the stage for 2012 which will matter.So I say the best way to boot the idiots is to give them the keys and turn them loose.America is watching now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa 8:09!! I had no idea I was dealing with a 21st century Machiavelli!! Excuse my ignorance of your grand Rove-like scheme. Leaning toward the independent huh? Nice cover. You Hoffman sympathizers are amazing. Only an idiot uses the term RINO, as if a conservative Republican is somehow better than a moderate one. You know nothing of the history of your party. You say you don't like what the Republican Party has become. NEWSFLASH MEATHEAD! We have traditionally been a multi-faceted party -- liberal, moderate and conservative. The big tent - remember? Do you think McEwen, Martin, McHugh, Doug Barclay,or Bob Nortz were of the conservative wing of the party? What has changed is that you and your dittohead/evangelical friends have made it so that you have to believe lockstep with the party dogma, or face excommunication. So vote for Hoffman -- Obama/Pelosi will be very happy.

Anonymous said...

The repubs are insane. In CV a new GOP committee formed after the selection of their slate and voted not to support any Republicans on the ballet. To strange to make up. Real Republicans in CV are deflated. Even their R JefCo legislator is out with signs campaiging like the dickens. And he is unopposed.Repubs are dying in the JefCo

Anonymous said...

6:38, you're real tactful aren't you?

RWiley said...

PIV, I ate the crow that you ordered up for me some time ago and had to take back when you realized the push polls were from Hoffman. But, for a different reason.

RWiley eats PIV's Crow

Also, I take no pleasure in seeing Dede's and the Republican's collapsing campaign. A good strong Republican party is necessary to the system.It brings the checks and balances that you used to talk about and keeps us in the center. Besides, It is more fun to see my Democrats kick the crap out of a strong Republican Party than it is to kick a weak one who is down.

The Republican party collapsed in Cape Vincent, too, and I take no pleasure in that as two Republicans set up a new committee Sept. 15 after their candidates were picked and then voted not to endorse Republicans on the ballet because they thought the Democratic candidates were better.

I had the pleasure of meeting and having a long discussion with Mr. Coon when he came to give the real Republicans his support. He has Cape Vincent roots, so he can't be all bad. I wish Don luck in bringing new strength to Republicans in Jefferson county so in the future the Democrats can beat a worthy candidate.

Doug Hoffman is not worthy as he brings the real nut job pundits to our area...Nut jobs who are more interested in the story and readership than our unique problems. They will gloat for three days, if Doug wins, and then you will not hear of them again.

Hoffman's support is coming from outside and from those nut jobs whose politics are far right of Attila the Hun. Like Dick Armey who tricked the Tea Bag Party attendees into believing it was their idea to become loud and abusive to any politican who tries to explain things to them, from both parties.

By the time I finish this lengthy post, Dede may have dropped out.


Bill Owens for Congress.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when they rally, the Dede crowd will show up and boo them while holding signs - you know - get even sorta thingy?

Dan Francis said...

Wiley - I was with you until you posted "Bill Owens for Congress."

OWENS is not a DEM but has to act like one... The DEMS should ashamed of 'picking' him, period.

Outside help? You gotta be shittin' me -- he has had outside help from day one: Rahm Emanuel-run, DCCC, DNC, NYS, WH-controlled "PR campaign" and nothing else.

Dede's 'campaign is pathetic for sure' and Hoffman (you called it correctly: nutrolls en masse), but the bottom line? M O N E Y ...

not about ideas, not about tough hard critcal issues, and absolutely no support for policies that move us forward - keep us in the stoneage, or worse.

It's the the money and most of it?

* From O U T S I D E ... and with the outside slickster, con-artist: Bill wens.

Anonymous said...

Saving Amerika starts with Hoffman!. What's the matter with you guys? This race has grown bigger than us and our want for more freebies. The nation is burning and folks are viewing this race as the beginning of Obamas end.The stupidity has to stop and NO we do not just need the republicans back in power! The people should have a little say not just what washington wants to hear. I am all for voting in whoever the Ds & Rs don't want!!!!!!!! whoever it is.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been a part of this one. Main reason is I cannot be excited about either of the "main" candidates. Both Dede and Owens don't make a lot of sense to me. They are both sponsored by institutions that have failed us. Party line thinkers have failed us. Nothing personal against either one. But haven't we finally reached a point where we have to try something else? Is the Donkey Elephant thing all that matters to us? Are we that stupid? I should say, haven't we been stupid long enough? I don't want to see a party win, I want to see a new set of ideas. And the political machines that have ruined this state, I'd like to see them BOTH go home losers.

I'm voting for Hoffman.

Anonymous said...

great idea,I too was really not to interested in this race or our choices.But maybe a third party win would make the thieves at the head table take notice.The wife and I were gonna sit this one out,put us in the Hoffman line also.

Anonymous said...

8:45 PM Excuse my ignorance
You are exused. Up date: looking at the polls today I see that Hoffman may just pull this off.He is getting major support from the whole country. A phone bank crew of over 2000 from california no less.I just may have to abandon my grand scheme and vote for the good guy! SORRY

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:31 How sad that polls dictate who you vote for. When you vote for a hollow man, I guess you've got nothing else to go on. Next time your at at Netflix, rent an oldie called "A Face in the Crowd" and see if you see any similarities to this race.

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