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Monday, October 5, 2009

More Mud Please

The mud slingers from the wild wild west are still at it, at least it is a slight improvement in production quality from the pre-school production with the dancing gift.


This is one of the NRCC's recent releases. Where are the jobs.


Dan Francis said...

We know a few issues/stances (Gays, Abortion, Public Option) but we don't know much about:

* Two wars (and over $15 billion a month to "fight" them) and mounting losses.

* The economy overall; education; trade; civil rights; climate issues; foreign policy; intelligence matters and/or Homeland security.

Slick Ads usually don't cover them... slick Ads cover what they want you to hear and know...not necessarily where they stand per se.

That's the crappy part.

A new look

Anonymous said...

Bill Owens is the only candidate that has actually created jobs. We have "Just call me Dede" Scozzafava that has ran a company (Hacketts) into the ground.

Anonymous said...

But Dannie I thought you Dems liked the war in Afghanistan? You've described it as the right war. In the past, you've expressed support for it, and the need to win it. But now you're lamenting our involvement?

Like most folks with no real belief system, you're all over the place. Which way do you want it now? What should we do? Lose, as your party wanted to do in Iraq. Withdraw, which goes against what you advocated just a few weeks ago?

Maybe we could blame the whole thing on racism and Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Dede for governor!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully not for this state.

Anonymous said...

Where are the jobs? Seems like a legitimate question to me.For nearly a trillion dollars!

Anonymous said...

8:36, as if she wouldn't be better than paterson? Or for that matter spitzer, pataki and cuomo? None of them had stellar records and instead presided over stagnation, decline, corruption, and disfunction.

Every else being equal I would much rather have a governor from the north country than another downstater. In fact I refuse to vote for a downstater for governor: if necessay I'll vote for a write-in candidate.

woodchucksage said...

Just saw a new Owens commercial.

Once again, the Dems kick GOP ass in the TV ad dept. Owens may be an absentee, lightweight candidate, but he's got some killer spots on the tube.

Dede's is good but the Dems' just seem better - more polished, professional. Maybe it's the hollywood connections of the donkeys.

Dede needs to keep it positive and tell us more about herself. She can't let her opponents define her.

Dan Francis said...

6:38 ... you small vile insect ... yes, name calling fits you nicely. But I will defend myself.

I have never, ever said I liked war ... I've been to war and I was wounded in combat three times an hospitalized more than 45 days...

Afghanistan WAS the right and correct focus at the time and for the right reasons: revenge for 9/11...

But, Bush and TEAM lost that focus and headed into Iraq -- the rest is still happening due to that action.

Why in the hell won't you stop hiding behing that fake Anonymous label and face me one-on-one and debate war and combat and sh*t like that ... you little snipe?

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

FN: The reasons a bunch of Anonymous posters won't face me like a man (or woman) here or in public are many:

1. They can't handle the topic...

2. They won't give me a fair shot at rational debate, or trust my judgement...

3. It's easier to hide and shoot behind labels rather than seek and talk in the open.

It's not easy being me ... (LOL) but I don't shy away from the tough issues or stop looking for
ways to solve the many problems we face.

— dmf

Anonymous said...

But wasn't Dede part of all the disfunction (she still is) and corruption, (Hacketts comes to mind) I mean look at what the voters are presented for choices, most County Leg races are uncontested, on a state level look what the choices were for assembly,A Governer is just a figure head, Spitzer might have been a good governer, but he fell to a cheap whore, Most minor cross-endorse a candiate, so why have them???

Dan Francis said...

Speaking of mud and Weasels?

Two Top Weasels Right Now

Shame on them, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

9:22, dede never voted for state assembly speaker sheldon silver, so i don't consider her part of the disfunction, she was just powerless as a member of the minority. And tom Scozzafava is the one managing Hackets.

Dan Francis said...

I have a question for anyone out there in laaa laaa land.

Owens "takes credit and hawks the idea that he created 2,000 jobs at the now-closed Plattsburgh AFB." And, that seems to be sticking.

So, I wonder: "Why isn't Dede or Hoffmwan or the public asking: what did John McHugh do for that area all these years that he took credit for but now sees the credit go to Owens."

Just wondering?

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