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Friday, October 9, 2009

Family Feud

Do you think Governor David Paterson has issues with Senator Darrel Aubertine? It certainly appears that way with all the flaps (NYPA, et al) these two seem to experience.

The Governor has thrown another anvil off the roof while Aubertine walked by, this time upending Aubertine's promise to bring road and bridge projects to upstate in exchange for his support of the MTA bailout. Even the NY Times took the bait, dubbing Aubertine the “North Country One” who was able to bring Albany to a screeching halt to win his demands.

Senator Darrel Aubertine, May 2009 - "What we’ve gotten along with this legislation is a renewed commitment to Upstate which will ensure road and bridge projects throughout the state will be a priority as we put together a five-year plan.”

Yesterday the Governor rejected any five year upstate road and bridge plan as "simply unaffordable",

Paterson is more concerned about cutting the deficit in the budget while the legislators are concerned about spending more it seems. Paterson has requested their assistance to cut spending and correct the mid year $3 billion dollar deficit, but Aubertine and company are sprinkling money around their districts like candy and Paterson has responded. 

Is it just a case of disjointed priorities between the two or are there deeper divisions?


Dan Francis said...

Gov. Paterson is a lot more conservative in his fiscal matters and concerns and efforts than most others in office (both sides) – and now he gets blamed by the GOP-Rightwingers for trying to cut the deficit, budget and yes, even taxes?

Man, oh, man what a head-turner?

The Guv. is correct ... cut and reduce the growing deficit otherwise that hole will only get deeper and deeper ... it's like trying to deep a hole on a sandy beach -- got it now?

Hint: You'll not likely find any bottom...

I support the Guv. in his fiscal efforts thus far.

Anonymous said...

The MTA bailout wasn't "simply unaffordable". The Adirondacks land grab wasn't "simply unaffordable". The increase in the welfare grant wasn't "simply unaffordable".

Anonymous said...

Who on the right is "blaming Paterson for "trying to cut?" fact is, paterson has no credibility on the issue. Remember last spring when he flatly ruled out a tax increase? Then he signed it after our Senator, darrel Aubertine, went along with the rest of the NYC crowd and voted it into law.

The issue here is Sen Aubertine's clearly phony pledge to work for an Upstate road and highway plan.

He did nothing, and nothing got done.

BTW, Dan, like the new logo. Semper Fi!

Anonymous said...

what was the discussion when Jim Wright "sprinkled money around the north country?"

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh that's a different story, Gentleman Jim would ride into town, throw buckets of money @ the NCCC, Sackett's School. But that was OK.

Anonymous said...

Dannie, the Marine Corps might not be happy with a gutter mouth using their logo as a prop. But if it serves your purpose, by all means.
Carry on.

Chances are there are many more Marines who would think differently than you and yours. Why else would your party be so focused on excluding the military vote? The guy most responsible for that decision on the 23rd election date is the guy you're fawning about now. The Marines around you must have kept a close watch on you.

Dan Francis said...

5:42 -- as Reagan would say, "There you go again."

I served on active duty in the Marine Corps for 20 you moron.

I don't stand for excluding the military in voting at anytime anyplace or anywhere... you are a lousy liar.

The best gutter mouths, as you label me, learned in the Corps -- or as we say about morons like you: "We call 'em like we see 'em..."

Anonymous said...

Now he quotes the real "Great One". Are you gonna use the Marine seal for your campaign next time? Talk about hidin' behind your mother's skirt.

How 'bout that Prez winning the Nobel prize? I'll be interested in your take on that, Mr Francis. Politically, you and yours are winning everything. But this has got to make you smile, maybe just a little? I've been laughing since I heard the news. Early scuttle has it that Elmer Fudd is next years early favorite. That's based on what he did for world fashion and goodwill, chasin' that silly wabbit.

No profanity now.

Dan Francis said...

7:10 -- It is a great honor for any president to win the NPP for sure, but I also beelieve it is a bit premature. We shall see.

How's that grab you, 7:10?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really matter to me either way, Dan. I'm surprised you even thought I cared.

Thanks for the lack of profanity. We all appreciate the end of the misuse of the Marine logo and the return to our eagle.

The awarding of the NPP to Obama is absurd. But we're getting used to that. I actually felt sorry for the guy, trying to give a press conference about winning and actually looking at the camera. Even he knows how foolish this is. At least I hope he does. Otherwise we're in real trouble.

Anonymous said...

"We shall see?"

What the hell does that mean?
Dannie, please explain.

Should we now award the NPP to someone who has done nothing and hope for the best, as in "we shall see?"

Very weird way of thinking.
Very dumb.
And I'm the moron?

Anonymous said...

There is definately an issue between Aubertine and the cocaine huffing guv. It is pretty obvious they flat out dislike each other, Aubertine is clearly a Cuomo Dem. The Guv has lied to his face too many times.

Anonymous said...

But bottom line, be it Dem of any kind, our man Darrell has gone along with everything the NYC boys want, from hunting fee increases to 10% spending increases to hugh tax increases. So they must be buds somewhere along the line.

Anonymous said...

And Don't the other elected offical AJR, she voted YES.

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