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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

118th Announcements - Battle of the Unknowns

Addie Jenne Russell, Jefferson County Legislator District 4, will be making an announcement for her candidacy for the open 118th Assembly District seat by Thursday of this week. Russell is having a busy year, she is a second term legislator, approaching her one year wedding anniversary in August and is a brand new mother as well!

Russell who is the Democrats "fill the gap" candidate after Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns, who was the Democratic Party favorite candidate in public opinion polls, backed out a week ago.

Addie Jenne Russell, according to the latest poll, is an unknown candidate that will likely be matched up against another unknown candidate, Bobby Cantwell, who is the favored candidate of Jefferson County party chair Sandy Corey.

Cantwell is likely to face a matchup in a primary race with David Button, before heading to the general election. Button is expected to make an announcement of his candidacy this week as well.


RWiley said...

Don't miss this one!!!

It is going to take a better Lawyer than Dave Renzi to convince me of this one, but you have to admire his sense of humor:

"State Senate Candidate Dave Renzi expects money, not meddling from the state GOP as he challenges Senator Darrel Aubertine this fall."

"We need to keep local people involved in a strategical aspect and local people are going to make the decisions in this campaign. Albany is not going to be involved at all,"

Renzi expects money...

Both candidates, including Darryl who is a North Country Native and one of us, will most likely get the majority otheir funding from outside the District.

Anonymous said...

rwiley decried: "Darrel, who is a North Country native and ONE OF US..."


Darrel- of the 'Larry, Darrel and my other brother Darrel' fame is a joke.

I LOVED the idea of him sponsoring a bill, bragging about it, and then blatantly hiring his sister.

rwiley, not ALL of us in the North Country break laws and brag about it.

Let's not forget that the other brother Darrel didn't even know he dun nuthin rong til politicaliv called him on it.


RWiley said...

Another item of local interest which has been avoided by Political IV is John McHugh's recent support of the new Democratic GI Bill which was greeted by many Republicans who jumped the aisle and added their co-sponsorships. There are still many Republicans In Congress who refuse to support our troops, including John McCain who very recently has started to flip-flop and is hinting that he might cave into the pressure being applied by Democrats and Republicans, alike. George Bush has not changed his mind about a veto. However, there is now a possibility of an override.

It is amazing how quickly things have changed. Until recently, supporting the troops meant buying magnet ribbons and wearing flag pins. Now, thanks to Democrat James Webb and the Republicans that support him our troops might get updated benefits.

It took Darryl's sting to wake up Mr. McHugh, as his safety net back home was rotting away. I compliment Mr. McHugh for this support of our troops and for recognizing that Darryl, who is one of us, has changed the ways of North Country voters.

Perhaps during this election cycle, John McHugh will visit his district and face his constituents. Who knows? If he wins this fall, he may even bless us with his presence and lead a Memorial Day Parade.

My prediction is that John McCain will spin on this so fast and get so dizzy that during the campaign he will try to take credit for the Democrat's new GI Bill.

RWiley said...

said , a lefty liberal lady . coleen
bring on the 48th.'s mean scene
while they provoke
i'll ignore the smoke
and look behind the big screen

RWiley said...

My apologies for the post above complimenting Senator McHugh. According to DD and other information I had read, John McHugh does not support our troops. He has not supported the new GI Bill. It has been a difficult issue to follow locally. Even though we are a military community, local Republicans seem to be ignoring this issue. If any Republicans have any insight about why our Representative is balking on the GI Bill, please share it with us.

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