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Friday, May 16, 2008


There appears to be a political game of chess occurring in the 118th Assembly district,with both sides claiming check while checkmate is down the road a few months.

Rumor has it this appears to be a strategic battle between the GOP and Democrats for a geographical candidate.

This appears to be an infinite decision making process on both sides, but, do the Democrats have a candidate, the general thinking is not yet.

Greg Pacquin was the favored candidate from St. Lawrence County but sources say he backed away from the special election, which resulted in the no call for the special election by the Governor. The queen bee, June O'Neill, lost interest in a Pacquin candidacy after being left at the altar of the special election.

Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns appears to be stalled by a recent wedding engagement according to sources and Tim Kelly's name is circulating but Tim is short for Timid!

St Lawrence County Clerk Patty Ritchie is rattling the sabers of a candidacy but has not made a formal announcement, while the Democrats obviously are taking her serious by issuing attacks already and attempting to scare her off, and far reaching words of a candidacy from Bob Cantwell (Jr or II) son of former top paid full time Clayton Supervisor Bob Cantwell has yet to materialize.

It is likely at this point, that if a candidate just steps out there and says I want to represent you, the voters may appreciate that gesture and reward the person in November for having the fortitude to come forward first.


Anonymous said...

Another St. Lawrence County Legislator is considering a run.

TEK said...

Come now, have you ever known any of the Kelly's to be timid?


Anonymous said...

It's time for Kevin Wells to go for this!!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody announce! Petitions go out in two weeks. They have to know by now if they are running. Committees are going to be having their meetings. The petitions have to be done soon. I'll vote for the first true candidate who announces.

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