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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mike Flick For Watertown High School Board of Education

Mike Flick deserves the Watertown High School voter's support for school board this year.

Mike Flick is a family oriented leader of the community who is employed at the New York State Department of Transportation and he currently is serving on the school board and has done a fine job in all aspects of guiding the district in quality of education and responsibility to the taxpayers.

Mike has served the students and public well from quality curriculum, lunch programs, extra curricular activities and quality facilities. He, along with the other board members and administration have accomplished all this while remaining mindful of who pays the bills; the taxpayers.

Mike believes the school should be the pride of the community and works to develop a strong bond between the community and the school. Mike believes that strong fundamentals form a foundation for our school, and you can read his principles in a statement posted on newzjunky.com.

Mike was recently quoted in the Watertown Daily Times that his favorite part of being on the board is "the feeling like we have an influence over someone's educational experience. I have some small measure in their success."

Mike is truly there for the unselfish reasons, the success of others, and no more needs to be said on why voters should return Mike Flick to the Board of Education.


Anonymous said...

What about Aaron?

Anonymous said...

Mike has the best interests of THE ENTIRE DISTRICT in mind at all times. He is intelligent, well spoken and has kids in the school system. Re elect him.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Clemons? Are you kidding?

He is a disgusting drunk!

I have heard of his episodes at Pete's Restaurant and Ives Hill CC and he tries to pull people over with a fire emergency light while he was drunk driving! I do not want him even close to my children.

Let him remain helping Senator Aubertine and Sheriff Burns on campaigns we do not need him around the schools.

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