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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fireworks in the 118th - RACC Responds

Today Assemblyman Ron Canestrari, Chairman of the Democrat Assembly Campaign Committee, detonated the first land mine of negative campaigning and tonight Republican Assembly Campaign Committee returns fire with the following press release.


For Release: IMMEDIATELY, May 8, 2008

Contact: Joshua Fitzpatrick, (518) 542-2413


Assemblyman Ron Canestrari (D-Cohoes), Chairman of the Democrat Assembly Campaign Committee (DACC) today launched a negative attack against Patty Ritchie (R-Ogdensburg), St. Lawrence County Clerk and potential Republican candidate for the vacated 118th Assembly District.

Canestrari launched the broadside on the “Danger Democrat” blog earlier this afternoon. In the blog post, Canestrari cited a Watertown Daily Times story reporting on the possibility Ritchie may run for the 118th Assembly District and accused Ritchie – who has not even formally declared her candidacy – of “lying” and being “dishonest and disingenuous.”

“It’s pretty obvious that Canestrari is only attacking Patty Ritchie because he and DACC are worried about her candidacy. He knows she has a proven record of accomplishment as St. Lawrence County Clerk and that she would make an excellent candidate for the 118th Assembly District,” said Joshua Fitzpatrick, Spokesman for the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee (RACC).

“North Country voters should decide who will run, not Ron Canestrari. He should butt out of North Country business,” Fitzpatrick said.

“Patty Ritchie has a well-known – and well-earned – record of dedicated, honorable public service to North Country taxpayers. That Ron Canestrari would attack her in such a manner just proves what RACC already believed: Ritchie is the best candidate to listen to – and fight for – North Country families by bringing real change to Albany,” Fitzpatrick stated.



TF said...

Ritchie also has a documented record of lying. Check today's edition of the WDT for details. Even Ms. Ritchie admitted she forwarded 'misleading' information. She also has a record of knowingly trying to illegally steal the IP line from Darrel Aubertine the last time she ran for the Assembly.
She folded in court in Albany on that one.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, 'tf'... Patty Ritchie lies about her opponent(s) and yet Darrel Aubertine's Senate ad where he found a fisherman to LIE on camera was the utmost in honorable?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha anonymous. I forgot about that one. Does that mean the Darrel doesn't deserve re-election?

Anonymous said...

Darrel not only lied about the fisherman, he also lied when he said he was "one of us."

Anonymous said...

Darrel Aubertine doesn't stand a chance this fall- whether it's against Jim Wright or Dede Scozzafava... or even Tim LaBouf!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that again the Democrats and Albany are trying to pick the Republican candidate not only to run but also apart. I think that the DD stands for Dirty tricks Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Darrel Aubertine = INEFFECTUAL

RWiley said...

I am sure a lot of words could be chosen for a candidate who had the ability to take an office away from a party that held it forever. Ineffectual applies more closely to Mr. Wright who miscalculated his good fortune, resigned at the wrong time and left you hanging with a candidate so weak that he could not draw enough votes from his own party which at the time held the majority of the registration.

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