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Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hybrid Pork Solution

E.J McMahon wrote an article yesterday in the Syracuse Post Standard that called for an end to pork spending. He rightfully points out the abuse of member item spending and how many people simply call for more equity in the system of distribution in order to fix the problems.

McMahon writes " The fundamental problem with member items is not equity but excess" and "The right answer is to do away with member item spending all together."

A hybrid solution to both McMahon and other good government groups calling for equity is needed. The system needs more transparency rather than huge documents of member item listings distributed, with a here you wanted it, go look for it attitude. The system needs more equity among members, but that should go along with equity in redrawing district lines after the new census. Finally, a small sum of money to be used for discretionary purposes by members in their districts is not a bad thing, but not $200 million as budgeted, after all the legislator is suppose to know their district better than anyone else such as Sheldon Silver or Joe Bruno.

McMahon says don't mend it, end it.

A system mending it is a preferred choice.

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