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Friday, May 23, 2008

118th - Ritchie Is Out!

The leading potential candidate for the open seat in the 118th Assembly district race, Patty Ritchie, is stepping out of the race.

It is reported Ritchie had the most favorable showing of both parties in a couple polls of the voters making her the leading potential candidate in both Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties. Despite the showing, Ritchie could not gain the support of the two GOP chairs in either county.

Ritchie is said to be making an official announcement on Tuesday at 10:00 in Canton, and late word from St. Lawrence County is Dave Button, Town of Canton Supervisor is reconsidering his entry into the race. A decision by Button to enter the race would force a primary with Clayton native Bobby Cantwell who has already announced his candidacy.

The departure of GOP Ritchie and Democrat John Burns leaves this race wide open and too close to call for any political observer.


Anonymous said...

Pattie is a smart gal, she see the hand writing on the wall. What with losing the race once she didn't want to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

We want Phil! We want Phil! We want Phil!

Anonymous said...

The county chairs are foolish. Patty was the only one who can win from their side.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that IV is crying in his/her beer over the Ritchie decision. And don't blame the county chairs. This is all on Ritchie, her waffling. whining and complete inability to make a decision for herself. She is a very good county clerk - but how hard is that really??

She is terribly politician who is horribly naive and really has no grasp whatsoever of the issues that face the Assembly or New York in general.

And sorry Commenter #1, she's really not that smart.... Marching in parades and handing out candy and balloons doesn't prepare you for the state legislature.

As usual, Patty was pushed into this by people like Hank Ford (phoney chair of the St. Law. Conservative commitee of six not really conservative peole), the clowns at RACC, and former GOP chair Phyllis Turner, who all but killed our party in the big county.

As far as Commenter #3: don't believe RACC's phoney polls. Patty has hurt herself among Repub's in her own county to the point where they are talking about primarying her for clerk when she stands for re-election again in three years.

Hope you enjoyed your run Patty, now go cry in the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Patty Ritchie is the girl who likes to be courted by all the boys, but when someone asks her to dance she sits on it, mulls it over, gets some publicity and then runs out the back door. Thanks for the indecisiveness Patty.

Anonymous said...

I feel that the party made a bad decision endorsing Cantwell. We want some who has experience and will be a positive representitive for us here in the north country. How about Phil Reed or Mike Doctuer???

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