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Friday, May 2, 2008

WFP In The 118th

The deadline for filing questionnaires for the Working Family Party was yesterday, May 1. Candidates interested in obtaining the Working Families party line were required to fill out an on line questionnaire that has been posted on the Working Families website since April 1.

It is interesting to note from their website these comments;
Please note: Candidates seeking the Working Families endorsement are discouraged from running on the Conservative or Independence Party lines.

Please note: To participate in the endorsement process, you must agree that if you do not receive the Working Families endorsement, you will not seek the WFP line through an Opportunity to Ballot (OTB) or any other means.

The Working Families party is essentially about taxing businesses and higher income producers more and increasing New York State spending considerably.

Here is a sample question you would have encounter if you filled out the questionnaire;
Understanding the broad negative effects Wal-Mart and warehouse clubs will have on communities, will you actively work with the Party and its affiliates to block the construction of any Wal-Mart or warehouse club?

We have unconfirmed information that only two candidates or potential candidates have filed the questionnaire and they are Donald Lucas of Massena and Massena Police Chief Tim Currier, who is said to be interested in running for the open seat.

An email to Working Families Party so far has not received a response.


Anonymous said...


Massena Police Chief to run for 118th Assembly District
First published: May 02, 2008 at 11:51 am
Last modified: May 02, 2008 at 11:52 am
Massena Police Chief Timmy J. Currier will run for the open 118th Assembly District seat this fall.

Mr. Currier, a Democrat, applied for the Working Families Party line in his so-far unannounced bid to become assemblyman, the party confirmed Friday.

Louisa N. Pacheco, the party’s lead organizer for the North Country West chapter, said the following individuals are also seeking the minor party line:

Jeremy Barlow, Herrings, and Deirde K. Scozzafava, Gouverneur, for the 122nd Assembly District. Mr. Barlow, a Democrat, has previously flirted with ideas of running for the 23rd Congressional District seat and the Jefferson County Legislature. Ms. Scozzafava, a Republican, has represented the district since 1998.

Donald J. Lucas, Massena, for the 118th Assembly District. Mr. Lucas, an independent, is an Alcoa retiree and fishing charter operator.

Danny M. Francis, Watertown, for the 23rd Congressional District. Mr. Francis, a Democrat, is a retired Marine officer.

Darrel J. Aubertine, Cape Vincent, for the 48th Senate District. Mr. Aubertine, a Democrat, has served as senator since February. He was previously an assemblyman who served the 118th Assembly District.

Ms. Pacheco said chapter leaders will make their endorsement recommendations after interviewing candidates this month. The state committee will announce endorsements during the first week of June, she said.

See Saturday’s Times for a full report.

TF said...

This is a formal invitation to Political IV to attend our next regularly scheduled Friday Political Pizza nooner at Democratic HQ (room 205 of the Lincoln Building.)
By a voice vote it was unanimously determined that is would be acceptable to wear a paper bag over your head.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Djere Maxon, a bright young guy from Sackets Harbor who will be making his announcement soon.

He's a force to be reckoned with and will put Albany on notice.

Go Djere!

Anonymous said...

what the hell kind of name is Djere????

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