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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bruno Takes A Swing

Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno had a showdown of sorts with a reporter from the Albany Times Union. The confrontation in this case was probably slightly deserved considering it is opening a wound of the troopergate scandal in which the Times Union played a role.

Start with the hypothesis that New York State government is fundamentally flawed simply by the nature of its leadership structures in both the Assembly and Senate. New Yorkers would be better served if rules in both of the chambers limited the time these positions are held by any single lawmaker, the recent distribution of member items are a symptom of that problem; it breeds loyalty, fosters strength and power in the positions. This is simply defending Bruno in this one particular case.

The Times Union was baited into the troopergate scandal in an attempt by Spitzer to get Bruno, while the Albany DA’s report actually claims they made inquires on Spitzer’s travel. It appears they never followed up on the original inquiry but instead took the bait from Spitzer’s people and tried to hang Bruno out to dry on this issue.

Bruno was speaking his peace to the Albany Times Union in this exchange and until they come clean on their sloppy reporting Bruno remarks while lacking in decorum were probably deserved.

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