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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old Media vs. New Media

Click on the report link within this attached posting. The attached report provides interesting insight into the view old media takes on the internet and new media.


RWiley said...

This is an excellent find, Political IV!

Brouder Suvey on the Blogosphere

Bloggers such as you have had a great impact locally, nationally and internationally and can't be ignored by the dinosaurs of the mainstream media be they libs or conserves. The bloggers initiate discussion and stimulate our pursuit of further sources.
The trade-off is the reader who attempts to end the topic with anger. They are soon left in the dust .

RWiley said...


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Anonymous said...

Old Media vs. New Media has already passed. The new model is Old Media & New Media - e.g. the Times Union is case in point. They can be and are symbiotic. The challenge is the anonymity. Why are people so afraid of standing by their opinion? Reporters aren't....

BTW, check out "old media". Scooped "new media" on the Renzi announcement. www.watertowndailytimes.com

RWiley said...

I noticed that scoop immediately. I was impressed. I can't remember the last time The Watertown Times scooped anything. We quit buying it when they went to the morning version of their 1 1/2 day old news. Did the rag version have the same scoop this morning?

RWiley said...

"The challenge is the anonymity. Why are people so afraid of standing by their opinion? Reporters aren't...."

That statement is not true for many of the notable bloggers, both left and right. Blogs like "Huffington", and "Limbaugh", and numerous others have stories by reporters and contributers who have identities. Of course some, such as this one, prefer to remain anonymous. People who editorialize anonymously in the comment sections of most blogs however, are another problem. It is still traditional for Old Media to require a verification of the people who comment. However, in the blogosphere every computer has an IP address which can be traced back to the source by bloggers and other computer users.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing in the paper version of the WDT re Dave Renzi, but it is the lede item in the usually not-so-easy-to-navigate website.

I agree that old and new can co-exist. Take a look at newzjunky.com -- a brilliant collaboration of online content in one, easy to peruse package.

Anonymous said...

How come you can't comment on the Daily Times online stories. That's a feature that should almost be mandated these days.

(I wanted to say 'Go Dave!' to our next state Senator.)

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