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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hizzoner's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mayor Graham
It is the Mayor's birthday today! Hmmmm, thinking it may be 51 or possibly 52, in any event,

Happy Birthday Mayor Graham


RWiley said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to Mr. Graham. I was just shopping in his city a fews days ago and I am very impressed by the the great progress that has been made in Watertown in just a few shorts years. Somebody is doing something right! And, Mr. Graham, the other politicians along with the folks at the "Drum" should all be appreciated. I now hope that John McHugh will do his part for our community by supporting our troops and voting AYE on the new GI Bill.

Anonymous said...

Man Scott. You suck up to the Mayor any chance you get. Shameless.

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