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Friday, May 2, 2008

Pork Roast, Come and Get It

The pig is roasted and time to carve it up for this year. The Albany pig is ready to fly and it is just in time for the beginning of the election season. The Senate and Assembly released the list of pig droppings today, here is the lists for both the Senate and Assembly.

Not surprised, Assembly Speaker Silver takes care of himself first to the tune of $3,020,00.00 - that is correct, you read it correctly, it would be $3 million just for his district, that would be 12 TIMES GREATER than Northern New York. In addition, he and another member have joint pork for $1.2 million, and there are four other members who take home over a million dollars of taxpayer's money and the balance of the 150 members in Silver's Assembly take home considerably less than a million. The top four other than Silver, who is #1;

Robin Schimminger, $2.2 million

Susan John, $2.1 million

Bill Scarborough, $1.6 million

Bill Magnarelli, $1 million

Progress (sarcasm) is being made, since 2006 when member items first became fully disclosed for the public, Silver took home over $7 million.

The candidates for Assembly in the 122nd and 118th need to vow to the public they will not support this guy for Speaker and vow to fight against him, he is abusing his power.


Anonymous said...

You are being quiet. Not posting much? Alot of things going on with no comments from you????

Anonymous said...

You are being quiet. Not posting much? Alot of things going on with no comments from you????

RWiley said...

Before Jim Wright abandoned the 48th. to secure a better job his WEBSITE with the motto "Direct*Decisive*Delivers" contained many articles about the bacon he brought home to his supporters.
Much of that pork was appreciated, well received and Jim never failed to get his picture taken and an article published about him as he handed out the check.
I am not sure what you are getting at with this post. Is pork only good if it is served by the Republican Senate and poison when brought to the table by Democratic chefs?
Does this mean that when the wounded Republicans send Jim Wright after Darryl, Jim will run on a vegetarian platform and promise "no more pork"? I am sure that Mr. Wright who has never been put in the position of running a real campaign will campaign on his past procurements which he doled out in exchange for votes. For that, I wouldn't blame him. After all, he certainly can't run on a "Count on Me" platform.
Ever since Jim Wright screwed up the Republican foothold in the 48th., the Republicans have been running around, spewing blood like a beheaded chicken.
After an election is over, whether it is a Dem or a Repub going to Albany, as long as it is legal, I would hope they would bring home our share of bacon.

Politicaliv.com said...

Mr Wiley,

This is an opinion of a general distaste for pork and how it is utilized, especially given the current state of New York's budget.

Member items can be effective, but the system is bloated and abused and this specifically points to abuse by Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Member items would be more effective if limited in amount, scope and each member received an equal amount to be used as discretionary state funds in their district. In which case Darrel, currently in the minority, would benefit. If each member received say perhaps $200,000 each, then the pool of money would be 43 million versus currently 170 million.

This has nothing to do with Jim Wright.

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice your reference to Joe Bruno's pork. I'm sure it was an oversight so maybe you can do your little piss and moan bit about good ol Joe "Teflon Don" Bruno as well. Thanks

RWiley said...

Ah then! This should give you even a dirtier taste for pork.

ALBANY - State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno outdid Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver by single-handedly steering about $4.2 million in pork-barrel cash to nonprofit groups and programs this fiscal year.

Bruno's Pig is Bigger Than Silver's

Anonymous said...

ALBANY - State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno outdid . . . Silver . . . [in] steering . . . pork-barrel cash . . . this fiscal year.

"This has nothing to do with Jim Wright"'s pork.

Dem pork = baaaad!

Repub pork = gooood

Another keyboard-in-mouth-moment.

Toooo funny!

Anonymous said...

Bruno took about 7 million in pork. Griffo took another 2 million...funny...you're not so upset about that, or telling GOP candidates they must distance themselves from either of them. You're a man of true integrity.

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