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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Guest Voices From Carthage

Village of West Carthage

61 High Street

Carthage, New York 13619-1326

315-493-2552 * 315-493-2847 (fax)

Scott M. Burto, Mayor

May 7, 2008


The school board has lowered the tax levy increase to 6.8%. We feel it is unfortunate that additional cuts were not made to lower the tax levy increase. The school has made it clear that this is the best they can do at this time. We encourage residents to take a close look at the budget proposal and to get out and vote on May 20th. We also hope that everyone will take a close look at all the candidates for school board before they vote. We have asked that if the budget is turned down on May 20th that the board goes back to work to make additional cuts and allow for a second vote to gain residents approval. Instead of taking the easy way out and implementing a contingency budget.


Scott M. Burto, Mayor Village of West Carthage
G. Wayne McIlroy, President Village of Carthage
Terry L. Buckley, Supervisor Town of Champion
Mike Storms, Councilman
Town of Wilna
Gary Eddy, Supervisor Town of Rutland
Lee Carpenter, Mayor Village of Black River

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