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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's Eight Belles For Clinton

A stinging defeat in North Carolina and win by a small margin in Indiana has Hillary Clinton face down on the ground again.

There are a couple of signs from Clinton that this maybe coming to a close sooner rather than later. The first signal is she is in Washington today to talk with superdelegates, ultimately her last best chance. The superdelegates may deliver the message that it is time to end the campaign.

The other signal comes in the words she speaks. "People are watching this race and they're wondering . . . I win, he wins, I win, he wins . . . it's so close. That says a lot about how passionate our supporters are . . . but I can assure you that no matter what happens I will work for the nominee of the Democratic party," she said.

Obama had a net gain in vote count last night that equaled what Clinton gained on his popular vote count lead in Pennsylvania. He turned the momentum on its head last night after two of the roughest weeks of his campaign. The Clinton campaign will become more desperate now and the talks will shift back to Michigan and Florida.

It is up to Clinton to manage her end game and meeting with superdelegates will begin that process.


RWiley said...

Yes, the Democratic primary season may be coming to a close.
One thing to remember is that voters have been turning out for the Democratic primaries and caucuses in record numbers - which may be a troubling sign for the Republicans who are stuck with John McCain. Mr. McCain has flip-flopped on nearly every issue in an attempt to win favor from what is left of the George Bush base.. He even slipped and told the truth this past week when he admitted that our troops are in the mideast to secure our oil interests.

Anonymous said...


Pick one answer

For the country oil needs I prefer
a. protect our interest in the Middle East
b. Drill at Anwar or other US territories
c. Pay $5-6+ a gallon
d. Go back to horse and buggy

RWiley said...

Senator Aubertine just voted to suspend the State gasoline tax during the summer periods. He also qualified that vote by saying that he hopes the oil companies will do their share and not take advantage of this tax relief by raising the prices further. I hope he is right because the real problem is with Big Oil and greed not with the taxes that are earmarked for roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure.

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