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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Senate Democrats: Want More, Run Less

The Democrats in the New York State Senate want to move further away from you – the voting public, if they have their way and if they win the majority of the Senate this fall, they will work to make it happen. The Senate Democrats support 4 year terms and a pay raise and that is nothing less than arrogant on their part.

That is right! The Democrats do not want to answer to the voters every 2 years.

The Democrats want to move the 212 State Legislators from 2 year terms to 4 year terms. Malcolm Smith, Senate Minority Leader stated last week in an Albany Times Union article that he favors 4 year terms. As reported in the paper, “Smith also said his next move includes exploring a constitutional change to alter the term of senators and Assembly members to four years, instead of the current two years.”

The other day Danger Democrat noted the legislature was bucking for a raise also, therefore, the sum of all this is that a Democratic majority in the Senate will almost assuredly produce better paid Legislators who do not want to answer to the public very often, every 4 years instead of every 2 years.

"Show Me The Money, Show Me The Money" Democrat Senator Eric Adams


Anonymous said...

What a disgrace! These guys complain they're paupers at $79,000 a year? They shouldn't worry about longer terms. They should look for new jobs! Term limits now -- especially for Senator Eric Adams!

RWiley said...

Yes, his video of a downstate DEMOCRATIC politician trying to serve up a raise is a disgrace! But what Political IV missed was the outrage from the Republican opposition immediately after the conclusion of Eric Adam's greedy speech.

State Republican's Respond to Pay Raise

Anonymous said...

What does a photo from San Mateo County, California, have to do with our underworked and overpaid Democratic legislators wanting more money? Your humor is lost on me...

Anonymous said...

Look, two years terms are a joke - for Senate, Assembly, county legislature or town council!! What the hell can be accomplished when you are campaigning every 12 months??

I won't get into the money because most of these have another job and, let's face it, Sen. Aubertine's $79,000 goes a hell of a lot further in Watertown than Sen. Adams' goes in NYC.

...And I can't see Darrel stringing this many sentences together at one time.

North Watch said...

What ever happened to the "Public Servant"?

Anonymous said...

Just because Darrel can't "stringh this many sentences together" doesn't mean he can't do the "Show Me the Money" dance.

Can Darrel do the "Show me the Money" dance?


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