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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mass Transit

P IV has a reader in New York City who is an advocate of mass transit, of course, by the nature of a person living in the Big Apple, makes one fairly dependent on forms of transportation other than personal vehicles.

The contrast between upstate and downstate is probably most apparent in the method in which the inhabitants travel. Hence, the reason the Assembly Democrats are more concerned about subway tolls rather than thruway tolls, Senate Republican's concerned about gas taxes, while the Democrats look the other way.

A dual purpose proposal was identified by the reader; an attempt to reduce fuel consumption and an effort to reduce the political divide between upstate and downstate the reader suggested the return of train transportation that once flourished in upstate New York.

So here is a reader suggestion, bring back LOSRR.

And to emphasize the lack of concern a downstate Democrat has for the gas prices and taxes the people of this state pay here is none other than the "Queen of Kill that Bill" Liz Krueger spewing her rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

I watched the same video that you presumably did and don't see how this woman is saying anything bad about upstate. In fact, she seems to be stating what 70% of Americans believe about this idea--that it is a sham.

RWiley said...

As she states in this video, one of the reasons she is opposed is that she thinks a better way is to use a system of rebates for those most in need. This would prevent the oil company from hidden rewards as they raise their prices to take advantage of the consumer's good fortune. I agree with her.

I am a boater. I can make a choice of whether I need to pay the big bucks for fuel for my pleasure.
I can also make the choice of whether I have to drive all the way to Watertown to purchase food and flowers. However, a working family with two people commuting to work in the North Country have less of a choice. Give them the break through rebates. On the tax form a declaration could be made documenting necessary travel and the rebate applied accordingly.

Darryl, by the way, has already announced his support of the tax relief.

Anonymous said...

To better understand the Manhattan-Upstate bias, all one needs to do is look at soem of the links to Liberal Liz's other videos (most posted by herself). This woman has no idea what life is like north of 59th Street.

Anonymous said...

...make that EAST 79th St.

RWiley said...

Anonymous said, "To better understand the Manhattan-Upstate bias, all one needs to do is look at soem (sic.) of the links to Liberal Liz's other videos......."

This is just another personal attack on an individual and has nothing to do with whether or not elimination of the Federal and State gas taxes is a solution to the high cost of gasoline. Our gasoline is only around 3.90 per gallon. In many high populations of the world it is approaching $10.00. Big Oil is not going to give it away to us even though they are able to make big profits with present costs. With the successful "Squeeze 'em for all they are worth" energy policy put in place in the first two weeks of the Bush Administration we have a long way to go before the peak of gasoline prices and their goal is one final "surge" before George Bush crawls back into his hole and let's the country recover.
To divert attention to a liberal New Yorker who may have never smelled cow shit is not a solution.

Anonymous said...

Only rwiley could use "only" and "3.90 a gallon" in the same sentence. And only an Upper East Side Manhattan limousine liberal who doesn't understand the plight of real working people can declare her pride in paying the highest gas prices in the state.

Fact is, "Big Oil" doesn't inflate the price of gas in NJ or MA or PA because those states tack on substantially less than $.32 per gallon NY tax. Why would they do so here?

In fact, simple economics shows that they will profit more by selling MORE (read cheaper) gas, than by raising prices, which is driving DOWN demand.

Al Gore-type whiny liberals have been pleading for higher gas taxes -- and higher gas prices -- for years. You finally get what you want, and now blame George Bush.

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