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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Landscape Of The 118th Looks Left!

An analysis of the 118th Assembly District race between Jefferson County GOP candidate Bobby Cantwell and Jefferson County Democrat Addie Jenne Russell shows Russell favored for the seat in November.

A break down of the vote total shows Russell will, conservatively estimating, produce a 15 point margin, possibly as high as a near 30 point margin 64-36, in the St. Lawrence County portion of the 118th. Russell will find friendly faces in the towns of Canton, Hammond, Louisville, Massena, Potsdam and Waddington as well as the City of Ogdensburg, while Cantwell should be able to win the towns of Lisbon, Macomb, Morristown, and Oswegatchie and attempt to take Ogdensburg from Russell.

The towns of Canton, Massena, Potsdam and City of Ogdensburg will produce 50% of the vote totals for the entire county. The four areas are dominated by labor unions, with more industrial labor unions in Massena and Ogdensburg and service unions and academic Democrat friendly folks in the Canton and Potsdam, that favor Russell.

Ernie LaBaff, Fred Carter and the constituency of union members will heavily favor Democrat Russell, given the two candidates are virtually unknown in the St. Lawrence County portion. Their support could easily push her toward a 30+ point margin of victory in these areas alone, leaving Cantwell the possibility of winning the remaining portions by 5 points or less, and giving Russell an overall 25-30 point margin for the St. Lawrence portion of the 118th.

Russell will have a substantial lead before counting the Jefferson County ballots and Cantwell will have a steep climb. He will have to win Jefferson County by a similar margin that Russell took St. Lawrence County, 65-35, in order to produce a 50% + 1 win.

Cantwell will win the river Clayton and Alex Bay, possibly losing Darrel Aubertine's hometown of Cape Vincent and nearby Lyme, he will likely lose Addie Jenne Russell's legislative district of Philadelphia, Theresa, possibly picking up only the village of Antwerp, if GOP party chair Sandy Corey has enough juice to deliver it for him.

This will leave the battle ground for votes in the towns of Pamelia, Brownville and the City of Watertown. Cantwell will battle in Legislator Jim St. Croix's area as St. Croix tries to deliver the north portion of the city for Russell. The City of Watertown becomes key to Cantwell winning.

Cantwell has to win Ogdensburg and Watertown if he stands a chance, albeit slim. If the unions deliver Ogdensburg and St. Croix can deliver enough of the city, then that will be enough to keep the gap too close in Jefferson County and prove fatal for a Cantwell campaign.

In an earlier post on April 18, 2008 it was stated that a Jefferson County Republican would have a challenge winning this seat, the analysis remains true and is supported by the numbers.

Russell is building synergy with Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee (DACC) with her trip to Albany that included her photo shoot, while GOP chairs Sandy Corey, Jefferson and Janet Kelly, St. Lawrence have an adversarial relationship with their counterpart in Albany, RACC.

The numbers along with DACC assistance favors a Russell win over Cantwell in the 118th race.


Anonymous said...

I hear that Cantwell will be funded adequately without RACC. If he can do it without RACC, the DACC ties could give him a good soapbox to go after his opponent on. If he relies on RACC, he will struggle.

Anonymous said...

The Daughter of Steve Burke? I hope that she's not a putter of foot in mouther like her father! Anyone remember his rants when he was the SLC Dem Chair over 15 years ago? I DO!

Anonymous said...

Your blog sounds like sour grapes. Everyone knows P IV was deep rooted with RACC and fighting for the good ol boy routine again. Young Bobby Cantwell got into the race willing to let the people choose a candidate even in a primary, which by the way is sometimes very healthy for the process. It's to bad your anointed Ms. Ritchie did not fee the same way. Win or lose Bobby Cantwell will bring a lot of good things to the table this fall.

Anonymous said...

Screw RACC!! Arrogant bunch of SOBs! I know you lobve them and call some of that crew your buddies, but they will loose this race for Cantwell if given the chance.

Unions are past their prime and can't deliver the votes like they once could. They just lost 500 members in Massena. Things are changing and the labor fatcats will soon be on the outside looking in.

IV, your analysis is interesting, but how good were the Albany pollsters in the Barclay/Aubertine fiasco??

Don't hang your hat on them.

Anonymous said...


I have read with enjoyment how you have been trying to spin this race and blame others for what you did to screw it up. The Rs could have won this seat back if it weren't for you.

After your hand picked candidate backs out, you try and blame the county chairs? You are insane. It is well know that you created this mess and are now shifting blame.

How many of your strings is the sell out Senator still pulling. I am sure he is just as guilty in all this as you are.

Anonymous said...

The RACC rigs phone surveys to make one person look more favorable than another. Tedisco's boys need swift kick! HOWEVER Cantwell cant make it without the RACC money and support. Thanks for posting my floral friend.

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