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Friday, May 16, 2008

Outta Here By 2013

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain wants to be out of Iraq by 2013. An article in the New York Times, McCain began to lay the ground work for a vision and plan to remove the troops. This will remove a political target from his back that the Democrats were aiming at and allow McCain to define himself.

Obama campaign offered a lame response typical of an inexperienced politician. “While Senator Obama agrees with many of the sentiments Senator McCain expressed today, he believes you cannot embrace the destructive policies and divisive political tactics of George Bush and still offer yourself as a candidate of healing and change.”

Obama ran a good primary campaign, but he will need more substance than rhetoric in the general election and the scrutiny of his abilities and youthfulness will continue by voters looking for a person capable of being President of the United States.


RWiley said...

Thanks to Republican Congressman John McHugh for supporting our troops.

According to DD:

He joined a minority of only 31 other republicans to vote yes on an ammendment that would fund the new G.I. Bill by instituting a 1/2% tax on citizens making over a million dollars a year.

I know that Mr. McHugh has been pressured by local Democrats who want him to support our troops with action rather than rhetoric by bringing the GI Bill up to date. Local Republicans and the Watertown Times have thus far remained quiet on this measure which supports our trips.

RWiley said...

"Local Republicans and the Watertown Times have thus far remained quiet on this measure which supports our trips (sic)."

That should read, "troops". However, the Watertown Times has reported on the many expensive trips to Iraq made by Mr. McHugh.

RWiley said...

Defining John McCain:

john mc cain who they screwed a bit
with the bushies, stayed tightly knit
this right-winged zero
was a nam war hero
but as a politician, a chickenshit

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