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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Currier Is Out

The Jefferson and St. Lawrence County Democrats have emerged from the smoke filled back room and despite long time Democrat Walter Basmajian's support they have bagged Tim Currier as a candidate.

Addie Jenne Russell is the candidate, and the party of the people is clearing out everyone from a potential primary.

LATER ADD: It is Jefferson County Democratic Party Chair Sean Hennessey who is playing hard ball politics and favors limiting voter's choice. Hennessey, according to WWNY TV, refused to issue an out of party authorization for now Democrat Currier. Too bad, surprising Hennessey does not believe his party is the party of the people any longer.


Anonymous said...

Heard it on the Hotline today that June O'Neill was too much of a party animal to allow an outsider to play on her field......What you check on a voter card is a measure of your character don't you know.....It's Addie against Bobby and SLC is out in the cold.....

Anonymous said...

check out this new blog, not a joke, well possibly serious.


NNY Bluedog said...

It looks like Tim Currier should have registered as a Democrat a while ago, but it's too bad that people won't get to sign petitions or vote on his legitimacy.

Anonymous said...

darkhorse118 should check out the rules. If they are serious about running they should know that as a sitting town justice they need to resign in order to do anything to advance their candidacy.

Anonymous said...

There are no 32 year old Democratic justices in the town of Watertown.( or in Jefferson county for that matter) Therefore I assume justice is a generic name.

Anonymous said...

It seems Tim Currier enthusiastically endorsed the campaign of Addie Jenne Russell.
That would be contrary to what
Friot wrote. As usual he didn't quite get it right.

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