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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On To June 3rd, Possibly Even Denver

It is quite likely, once again, today will not be a game changer. This will go all the way to June 3rd and if they split the victories today, as predicted, then this race possibly continues to the finish line in Denver the site of the convention.

Obama will still possess a clear lead of the pledged delegates at the end of the primary season, yet Clinton will clearly have a case to carry on with momentum on her side. A split in victories today positions Hillary to be favored in the remaining six contests, none are caucuses, four are closed primaries and voter demographics favor Clinton.

Obama went on a month long winning streak following Super Tuesday before being slowed down by the March 4th primaries in Ohio and Texas. This is typical of the back and forth this race has experienced with neither candidate being able to put away the other.

Obama is likely to capture only one remaining contest in Oregon, but with the closeness of each contest there has been little change in Obama's delegate lead, but Clinton certainly has been stronger as of late while Obama is damaged by peripheral distractions.

The race moves onto the battle ground of the super delegates and the careful handling of Dean, Reid and Pelosi, despite huge new registrations during this primary season, one wrong move may result in significant lasting damage.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously you haven't paid attention to the trends in Mountain States and the Great Plains. Obama still looks strong in not only Oregon, but also Montana and South Dakota as well.

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