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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Fork, No Pork

It must be Darrel is either sitting at the wrong table in Albany or they did not give him a fork when he sat down for the pork serving.

There is very little doubt some readers here like their pork and for those of you who do like your pork with lots of fat, here is a list of pork projects, look close nothing for Northern New York.

Nothing for Samaritan Medical Center and their expansion while other hospitals are included, nothing for Jefferson Community College while other colleges are included, nothing for Jefferson County Historical Society while several other facilities such as the Center for Jewish History or Italian American Museum received money, nothing for the local YMCA while South Queens Boys and Girls Club and YMCA of Rochester take home some money.

Looks like Northern New York is not reaping any benefit of our tax dollars. Keep sending it in, they will keep spending it while we get none of it, attaboy Darrel.


Earthbob said...


Is the solution to the problem, as you stated, more pork, more pork, more pork?

Or is the solution to your problem less pork elsewhere, more pork here?

An idealist that is against pork would not want any pork.

That isn't a practical position.

However, more transparency would be a great first step in identifying who gets how much pork to distribute, and how that decision is made.

That would add a knife with your fork at the table setting....

TF said...

Hello IV--Good Morning.
You must have missed it when Danger Dem listed Darrel's member items. Here it is.

RWiley said...

Now I am bit confused. You were against pork before you were for it. After Jim Wright abandoned us for a better deal and threw us into a bitter and costly midterm election , I would hope those organizations immediately got to Darryl and requested their funding. Also, I am trying to find out what the past history was for each of those organizations. If they were funded before, perhaps they already got their share or if they requested funding specifically of Darryl and he did not respond, then he should be reminded that we need pork, too. Republican or Democrat, we deserve our share. Republicans in the past have a history of below state average of return to their districts but yet have received your blessing. Darryl had better work harder to rectify the confusion left by Jim Wright who miscalculated his ability to slip it to us with a weak candidate.

Thank Darryl and his stinging victory for waking up the Republican VanWinkles.

I hope that Political IV has the same enthusiasm about the new GI Bill and will rag on John McHugh to support our troops with an AYE on the bill and an Aye on the override of Mr. Bush's promise of a veto.

Politicaliv.com said...

EarthBob and RWiley

You will find my position on pork articulated clearly on a post below this one.


This is the capital pork projects, the state has two pots, $200 million regular member items from which your list is from and $700 million capital projects.


Anonymous said...

Attaboy, Darrel.

And Attaboy, IV, for exposing our worthless senator.

RWiley said...

Mississippi is soooo RED, that you need asbestos gloves to vote. However, another "safe" Congressman bit the dust yesterday. I think that makes 3 this year. Congratulations to Travis Childers who stung the Republican stronghold much like Darryl stung Will Barclay who was hand picked by Jim Wright.

Earthbob said...

Thanks IV.

Your thoughts on pork are appreciated.

But, what about your thoughts on transparency, so we can better observe the process?

Anonymous said...

Let's see, what will the pork look like next year when the Democrats control the Senate?

Oh yeah, that's right, the Republicans won't be able to dish out most of the money to Republican held districts only anymore, so Darrel will probably be bringing home even more of the bacon, which he did pretty well already.

Can't wait till November, especially given the results of nearly every special election nationwide this year for any important office.

The elephant brand is dead, long live the donkey!

TF said...

Dear he/she/they:
Here is what a Dem senator had to say in the T-U about this republican pork money bomb.
The projects amount to about $218 million of the $350 million the Senate can spend at its discretion. None of the projects are for Democrats' programs, said Sen. Liz Krueger, D-Manhattan, who complained the list was dropped on the Senate minority by surprise and passed in three seconds without many members knowing what happened.

"What's the process? What's the review? Why?" she asked.

Anonymous said...

tf -- and here's what that same Manhattan Democrat said when voting to deny you any relief from high gas prices by suspending the state's near-highest-in-the-nation gas tax:


Good luck with that Democrat-controlled Senate.

Anonymous said...

IV you are so good with your research on pork, could you show us what John Mchugh has brought back to his district this year with all of his seniority? Then compare it to some neighboring FRESHMAN democrat representatives?

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