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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carthage Residents May Not Agree

This NYSUT pro-school budget vote commercial probably will not get much traction in the Carthage area this year. Residents of the Wilna/Champion area need to send Superintendent Carl Militello, resident of Sackets Harbor, and the school board that they care about their school, but they also care about their taxes.


RWiley said...

I worked in a school district many years ago that had a situation develop similar to the very public fight in Carthage.
A big tax increase was announced, employees settled a contract and all hell broke lose. The village politicians took a public stand against the Board of Education and the fight began. Tempers flared. Residents became very vocal and were starting discussions and voicing objections to employees as they moved about town. School employees feeling very insecure about their community standing became less seen at community functions, community businesses and hesitated to participate in extra-curricular affairs. New board members with axes to grind were elected and found that they couldn't do much better and soon became bored and ineffective. It changed the small town character of school-community relations forever.

One thing, I agree that is being done wrong in Carthage is for a Board of Education to allow a superintendent to live outside of the district.
He should be close to his school, his community, his employees and problems that may arise 24 hours a day. He is no good to the community while escaping to live in another town. Hell, he can't even vote in Carthage. Big mistake!

Anonymous said...

What's Darrel Aubertine going to do about this tax increase? Isn't he "fighting for" more state aid for our districts?

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