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Thomas Jefferson

Friday, May 30, 2008

Is It Really Just Rev. Wright, Or Is It The Church

Was it just Rev. Wright's message that was flawed, or is it the church in general. This video leads you to believe the church is flawed, which means Obama has a lot more explaining.


RWiley said...

George Bush gave credence and encouragement to the fundamentalist wackoes when he brought them aboard using faith-based programs and promises of overlooking the financial separation of Church and State. He even had them believing that his war was a Religious stand against the Muslims. It got him re-appointed.

Remember, John McCaine pursued and wooed Hagee, then, like Judas, flip-flopped and denied him 3 times

It is going to take awhile for our candidates to shake these nuts from the tree as they return to the separation of Church and State.

RWiley said...

It is also important for both Democrats and Republicans to drop the Religion issue which only detracts us from the important issues.

I still am hoping that Political IV, the voice of reason, will keep us up to date on John McHugh and how he feels about supporting our troops with a new GI bill.

Anonymous said...

There isn't anything to explain. So a supporter of Senator Obama made fun of Senator Clinton by essentially calling her a cry baby. Big Whoop, Faux News has done worse to people.

Anonymous said...

This guy has figured Hillary out. to bad Danger Democrat and the Mayor haven't

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