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Friday, May 9, 2008


Nick Spano, former State Senator from the 35th district has declined a run for that seat this year after giving it some consideration. “This was a very difficult decision. As my father would always tell me, never go back, always move forward.”

John McHugh received a low score 15% from conservative The Club For Growth, but he is in good company as every other New York representative from the House and Senate scored low. This should please Danger Democrat.

Danger Democrat reports 112 people showed up for the spring dinner of the party, that does not seem like a lot of people considering the activity of that party and the big win in the special election. The Republican dinner is in the same place, the North Side Improvement League, sometime soon. It will be interesting to see what numbers they put up for attendance as they seem weaker than the Democrats as of late. "Eighty percent of success is showing up." Woody Allen

The Mayor gets Quick Draw according to the Watertown Daily Times

Ritchie maybe on board for the 118th but GOP Chairwoman Janet Kelly from St Lawrence County is not according to an article in the Times. This would not be the first time Ritchie ran a race and won without Kelly's support, so Ritchie is probably not really concerned.


RWiley said...

The conservative organization, Club for Growth, continues to support George Bush and the very policies that have caused economic concerns for middle class America and have made it possible for CEO's of the top 500 to realize a 38% average pay increase just last year alone. They have promoted huge subsidies for Big Oil without concern for skyrocketing prices at the pump. Club for Growth opposes the most recent Farm Bill and is encouraging Mr. Bush's veto and urging all members of Congress to uphold that veto. I see their ranking of Mr. McHugh at only 15% and #217 as a positive sign and an indication that perhaps they fear that Mr. McHugh is concerned about the welfare of the poor and middle class district he represents.

RWiley said...

While watching C-span I happened to be tuned in at a time when H.res 1113, "Celebrating the role of mothers in the United States and supporting the goals and ideals of Mother's Day." was debated and came to a vote. I near fell out of my chair when 178 Republicans cast their votes AGAINST mom.
I was sure that I was seeing things as I froze my recorder on the results. However:

177 Republicans Vote Against MOM

I have yet to be able to find how Mr. McHugh voted.

Anonymous said...

I went to the most recent Repub spring dinner. There were about 35 people there. No, really ! ! !The place was empty before 9:30. Of course, the featured speaker, JMcH was "prevented from attending by a pressing issue."

I can remember Spring dinners at Benny's and NSIL, that FILLED the place. Could not get NEAR the bar. Great speakers and lots of hub-bub.

I recall Ralph Dickinson going after John Doldo one night. There was some real PASSION in that Party.

No more. Save yer money. Stay home.

RWiley said...

Vice President Richard Cheney who is best known for shooting a lawyer in the face while drinking and hunting without a license recently stated, "America's economy is strong as ever." He declared 2.5 million in taxable income last year and $8.8 million in 2006.

However, The FDIC is planning to beef up its staff, including temporarily hiring up to 25 retired FDIC employees who worked in the agency's more than 200-person division that handles failed banks. They will handle an anticipated increase in bank failures.

3rd. Major Bank Failure this Year

John McHugh has been a faithful supporter of the failed financial policies of the Bush administration.

On Wednesday morning, House Republicans are invited to the White House to show support of a President who just set a record for the highest disapproval rating ever.

I hope John shows support of his constituents by staying home and reflecting on what he can do to boost the economy of his district.

RWiley said...

John McHugh will have a great opportunity to demonstrate that he Supports our Troops when he casts his AYE for H.R. 5740, the new GI Bill. George Bush has already promised a veto saying that we can't afford to spend that kind of money on those who have served. John McCain also is against it because it is too expensive. Like other important expenditures, the cost is high, but it is peanuts compared to what the country spends on Iraq and what individuals spend on car magnets, lapel pins, magnets and T shirts made in China. It is also a good way to stimulate the economy since Colleges create many kinds of jobs.
Show that you support our troops by contacting Mr. McHugh and asking him to vote AYE on H.R. 5740 and to override the President's Veto.

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