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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, June 15, 2009


Democrats who assumed the pedestal of moral high ground last week.
Last week during the GOP coup
Used in an attack on Senator Hiram Monserrate for changing his alliance which allowed the GOP to regain control of the NYS Senate. Democrats unleashed a relentless personal smear campaign on Monserrate. 
7 days later now a love fest by the Democrats for Monserrate.
Monserrate is accused of a felony, he was last Sunday before the coup and the Democrats failed to deal with him, he was Tuesday after the coup and the Republicans did business with him and he still is today while the Democrats do business with him again.

"the ousted Dem leader whose spokesman called Monserrate a "thug" after his defection - Monday called him "important" and "someone who we're happy to have in our conference."


The Big Picture said...

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

screw all of them. the best thing that could happen is a 31-31 tie.

Earthbob said...

The NYS Senate Politicians from both have parties have proven themselves to be like JELL-O.

They are firm, but flexible.

They wiggle and jiggle.

There is always room for more JELL-O.

The only difference between the parties and their practices is the flavor....

Anonymous said...

And to think he was a scumbag, just last week.

One thing's for sure, now he won't do any time for slashing up his girlfriend's face. That's acceptable behaviour as long as you are voting the right way. Which he is, now.

Dan Francis said...

As I said a week or ago, if the Senate cannot resolve this, and it doesn't look too promising now, the Court(s) will weigh in to protect and defend the people's rights and the integrity of government...

I believe what is going on is more serious than "just someone changing their vote or joining the other side for political gain on an issue or two."

I still believe it is illegal.

Anonymous said...

In Monseratte's case, I believe he's flopping around because he is trying to avoid jail time on his assault. I'm sure that is part of his dealings with both sides. The rest are drunk on power and money.

And you're right, it is more serious than an issue or two. Our political leadership is full of criminals. I'm not sure if this trend is reverseable. On both the state and national levels, they show no trend towards cleaning up their own acts. From special deals on mortgages to lying repeatedly for political gain to payoffs for associates and family run businesses, this doesn't get anything but worse.

Now we are headed towards huge debt that we will never be able to repay. But I sure hope we keep focused on the important thing, which is what political party is in power.

Dan Francis said...

FLASH - judge tosses DEM challenge... GOP is elated, I guess?

In tossing out the case, State Supreme Court Justice Thomas McNamara said it would be an "intrusion" for the court to get involved in a legislative matter. He recommended that lawmakers resolve the question of who's in charge of the 62-member chamber on their own.

Great: The legislature, whom we voted for won't work for us; and now the court say it can't.

So, what's left for "We, the People" to do? Not much is appears.

I've got my own view ... but it's not pretty.

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Court says, work it out - we can't or won't get involved in legislative mess..

No Rep work/ now no court support ... so, what's left?

Earthbob said...

Like a Black Hole, sucking the Galaxys about it, the actions of the inept NYS Senators will inevitably drag in the Assembly.

Now Caesar Galisano's new Senate Leadership claims to have two votes!

One man, one vote is not good enough to resolve our dysfunctional Senate.

Will our NYS Assembly Members stand idly by, and do nothing?

What can an Assembly do?

Vote an Article of Impeachment for the Senate Pro Tempore Espada who now claims he has 2 votes!


But, that would take courage.

Shame on either party that supports this position!

Anonymous said...

EB, easy on whatever it is you are doing. That galaxy stuff is beginning to scare me. But your jello comment is right on. I wish I had thought of that. I've been eating more jello lately, getting ready for the old folks home.

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