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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coup Is Nothing New

Coups are nothing new to our own Senator Darrel Aubertine that is how Darrel Aubertine became chairman of the Jefferson County Board of Legislature.

Aubertine, who pledged his support to then Legislator Paul Warneck, orchestrated a secret meeting at Legislator Jim St. Croix's house to overthrow the leadership vote at the last minute.

After the November election Paul Warneck decided to seek a consecutive term as Chairman of the board. At that time Warneck had the support of Democrats Aubertine and Martusewicz as well as Republicans Fikes, Converse, Zando, Behling and himself, which left Waite, Longway, Parks, Ward, Adsit, Butler, St. Croix unaccounted for in the vote count.

During the lead up to the leadership vote Darrel Aubertine repeatedly pledged his support for Warneck up until 5 minutes before the meeting when he informed Paul Warneck that he was going to seek the nomination of chair.

The deal was hatched in that secret meeting at Jim St. Croix house on the weekend before meeting.

Even though the Aubertine coup was successful, he only appointed one of his dissent followers as a chair of a committee and three of his followers lost their next election and Butler left on his own accord.

Senator Darrel Aubertine knows how coups work, just ask him.


Jeff Graham said...

Boy that's a stretch....Was Paul on his Blackberry too much when Darrel launched the coup?

Dan Francis said...

Aubertine's "coup" - I agree, it's a stretch, but since I was not in the room or at St. Croix's home, I can only rely on IV's version ...

But my memory tells me that back then, the GOP was torn internally and "choose" Darrel as a way for one faction to piss off the other faction, thus showing where the strength of the nearly 100% GOP-dominated body at that time was?

Or back then that's what the public was "mis"lead to believe. Maybe the WDT will set the record straight - they seem to keep good records and notes?

Time does corrode memories, just like those pesky facts, or an old car up on blocks in the front yard (a weak analogy, I know, but all I have on short notice).

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Hey Graham..I think you need to focus more on being mayor and less blogging, twittering and so on

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Longway that orchestrated that coup. I think you give Darrel too much credit.

Anonymous said...

And Warneck was sooo traumatized by the incident, that he failed to assess nearly $13 million in new construction in the two towns that he was assessor in.

The Warneck era was also the beginning of the end of the Republican party in Jefferson County. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

1:38 PM: And Larry and Neil Parks have both been forever ostracized by the local GOP. Fortunately for both of them, they both have enough "F*ck You" money to tell the local GOP "F*ck You"

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight Scott. Why don't you ask the men you are talking about? I can assure you that Parks, Longway, Waite and the rest will give you a straight and honest answer. The only thing is, you and the good ole boy republican party does not want to face the truth. It just shows the people that voted for Aubertine did it for the good of the county, not to get a title. Check it out if you have the courage to hear the truth. And yes, it did cost some of them an election after money poured in from the liberal side of your party. It is sad, politics over the good of the people. Remember it takes two sides to tango!

Anonymous said...

It's too bad as the local GOP needs more people like Longway and Parks - not the Burto's and Eddy's and Buckley's of the world who look to the government for their livelihood.

Anonymous said...

If you want someone else pick up a petition. They are due July 20th. Have at it. Or just sit here and write shit about other people while you probably are enjoying your livelihood off welfare.

Mayor pays $5000 or $6000
Town supervisor pays maybe $12 or $13
County Leg $ 12,000 or 13

So i am pretty sure they aren't making a killing for al the hours they put in. And besides the town of Champion and West Carthage are two of the best places to live. Someone is doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Trail Coordinator: $40,000?

County Forester: $38,000?

Assessor for numerous towns: PRICELESS!

I would hope Champion is one of the better places to live given the taxes!

Anonymous said...

Champion and West Carthage have two of the lowest tax rates in the county so you might want to get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

:"I thought it was Longway that orchestrated that coup."

If this is true, Aubertine is even a bigger self serving opportunist than I thought.

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