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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Sampie Insurgency

The colorful former Supervisor from Alexandria Bay, Sampie Sutton, who was sent by voters to political purgatory in his last election wants to be reelected.

There has been speculation about his return and now the word from a close friend of his in Alex Bay is that Sampie is a go for this election.

Sampie was always controversial on a number of issues ranging from his large pay increases to a major revaluation of real property that sent property taxes along the river soaring to his large fund balance of taxpayer's money. He was even bold enough to make lite of a comptrollers finding that the town fund balance was too high by claiming they had a nickname for the excessive fund balance.

Sampie is not much of one to filter anything before he speaks, so the election season in Alexandria Bay is likely to be a colorful event.

Lights, Cameras, roll'em Sampie - you're on!



J.C. said...

I can't let this topic about poor ole Sampie go without at least one comment.......I think it might be to small town-ish for the likes of PIV

Anonymous said...

He probably misses his FREE Gas.

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