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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aubertine Supporters Read This.

This is written by Darrel Aubertine's biggest fan, who usually writes glossy pieces and assigns headlines dripping with fondness for Aubertine, but he is not a fan of the candidate for Congress Darrel Aubertine.

I would agree Aubertine served us well once he got his feet under him in the Assembly, but he has not served us well as Senator where the job demands someone to be more of a leader and thinker.

He may serve us as well as any freshman Congressman can, which will amount to being non-existent in the halls of Congress where seniority is everything.


Memo To Darrel


Dan Francis said...

Pretty well-written memo - KB's views and opinion of course, but well-respected, too.

BTW: Plattsburgh is spelled with an "h" at the end ... just a note ... LOL.

KB paints a huge vast district and it is - I know I have campaigned across it three times (one primary, one general, and one almost primary)... Outside of Mike Oot and me, the others just do no know the region the way we do (firsthand campaigning) and that should count: will it? Remains to be seen - folks around here hold running and losing against a person... but, hey, in a two-person race, one has to lose - that's not a disgrace - not at all.

Campaigning and not trying is worse in my books - not everyone is cut out for public service ... but I am and I served the public honorably and dedicated for 40 years - I AM READY for Congress ... but I wonder, in all honesty, is Congress ready for me?

Everyone should look closely at credentials, background, qualifications, education, motivation, focus, desire and potential for someone to serve in this job - you won't find anyone more suited and prepared for this job to represent you than me, IMHO.

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Update on 23rd "race:" I kinda like the way the GOP plans are unfolding... from the Utica OD in part:

"Officials from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and National Republican Congressional Committee (RNCC) would not release names of other potential candidates for the seat."

"Right now, we are focused on working with local Democrats to recruit a strong candidate," DCCC spokesman Shripal Shah said.

"NRCC spokesman Paul Lindsay said the district increasingly has trended in favor of Democrats, but Republicans believe they can win the election with a candidate who can carry on McHugh’s tradition of working across party lines."

"Once the New York state committee has made their decision, we will provide the assistance that is needed to help the nominee build a strong campaign around the issues that are important to upstate New Yorkers," Lindsay said.

"The New York Republican State Committee will be scheduling four regional meetings with interviews and audience questions to help determine a candidate, according to a news release Tuesday from Franklin County Republican Chairman Jim Ellis."

"New York State Democratic Committee officials could not be reached Tuesday."

A fair, open and public airing of all candidates BEFORE one is picked is in the best interest of the public... any other way is simply unacceptable.

Just look at Congress and Albany now - stalemate, gridlock, and rabid partisanship... that serves no one - especially the people they say they represent.

Source article story:

Utica OD: Sen. Griffo Won't Run

Dan Francis said...

Update, update: 23 race...

This from Syracuse.com in part
(empahsis is mine):

Despite the potential delay, Democrats wasted no time Friday lining up in Watertown to see Rep. Steve Israel.

The Democrat from Long Island serves as recruiting chairman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington.

Israel was in town to attend the spring dinner of the Jefferson County Democratic Committee.

"He's going to be meeting with some of the local leaders and county chairs and people who might be interested in the seat," Lindsay Hamilton, Israel's spokeswoman, said before the dinner. "The plan is for him to meet with a wide variety of folks."

Hamilton said one thing is certain -- the national party will not make the choice.

Israel will wait to hear recommendations from county party chairs in the district, which includes Oswego and Madison counties.

As a DEM, this aspect concerns me for obvious reasons:

Israsel "might" be the one to "make" the choice.

That serves no one... not a single person.

Dan Francis said...

FYI: Interest is spreading.

Rome Sentinel

From a few others:

http://tinyurl.com/kmt2fz http://tinyurl.com/l7kz26 http://tinyurl.com/lqcelc

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

From Plattsburgh area:

23rd Race Field Filling Up Quickly


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