"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


WH Spokesman Robert Gibbs yesterday when questioned about the Great One's campaign promises for no tax increases, which are retracting faster than a tape measure. Uhmm Robert, you fumbled buddy!

Just in case you forgot his promises lies, here is a flash back.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter PIV. Don't you know he's our first black president? He's good looking. According to the VP he can talk real well, especially when it is staged with a teleprompter. His wife is neat and his kids are young and they are neater than the last prezidint's kids. And I really believe he is enchanted with what he has found at the White House. As a well-respected unbiased media bro recently said, I have a tingle in my leg whenever he lies to me.

Don't bother me when I'm gushing.

As far as this recent tax increase is concerned, shut up about it. I have ADD, so chances are I won't even remember why my untility bills went up. It's for the global warming story anyway, so don't get your panties in a wad.

Vote donkey.

Anonymous said...

um, I think what that last guy said. He is right. You guys just do not like the president becuase you are rasist and not progresive enuf.

John Quincy said...

You two are fools and Obama is an imperious dictator who is running a railroad of debt, dispair, and economic failure for the United States of America. The major legislation that Obama has railroaded through this year hasn't been completely written much less read by most of the Congress before they vote on it. And why should they??? It's Saint Obama! As for being racist, I could care less what color their skin was, but if they are a failure as a leader they need to be called out onto the carpet. It's called ACCOUNTABILITY and its the American Way.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes John but accountability is not the communist way, Therefore we won't go there

Anonymous said...

Fools? You think both of us are FOOLS? No, we are typical Americans. We watch Tv a lot. We listen to CNN, Diane Soyer and Katie Coorik. We love the envirnmint and we hate big oil compnies, but we cant be botherd by science stuff like nucleer gasses and drilling. I get a check on the 3rd of evry munth, and you can bet I am intitled to its.Acshuuly, if it was not for that Gorge Bush guy I would be getting more moneys then I do now. That is why I wantid change. Now I got it.

Scuse me, I have to go. My girlfrend is having anaother babie and the tax, I means taxi is waiting outside th e house. The tax thing is something you have to wrroy about.

I am going to name the baby Mikael, after the witte gloeved wonder, or Shawn, after my local hero of polatics.

Anonymous said...

Patience is needed in these times.

It is unfair to expect that President Obama will be able to correct the miserable situation created by Clinton and Bush over the last 16 years in six months.

He would be having a better time of it if he could count on his own party to vote the right way. The defectors need to be driven out. Pelosi has got the right idea. "Vote my way and I will help you get re-elected."

Anonymous said...

actually obamam favored cap and trade during the campaign. Mccain never made an an issue of this during the campaign since he also also favored cap and trade.

Anonymous said...

3:37 That is untrue. There is much evidence to the contrary. But that's the beauty, and weakness, of the internet. Anyone can say whatever they want. You are either mistaken, or lying.

Anonymous said...

5:34 You are wrong. Both Obama and Mccain favored cap and trade. http://www.businessandmedia.org/printer/2008/20080319133739.aspx

Anonymous said...

He stated that there would be no new taxes on those earning less than $250k (then $150k in some circles). CapnTrade increases taxes on those people, dramatically. You can't have it both ways.

That's the problem with lying during campaigns.

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