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Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, June 28, 2009


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Anonymous said...

Don't bother us with this trivia, PIV. Michael Jackson died, and I'm a NY state registered dumbass party line voter. I welcome another huge, pointless tax on my utility and energy bills.

Vote Donkey.

Dan Francis said...

Cap and Trade passed the House (H.R. 2454 by one vote (219-212 - 3 No Votes)... 218 needed for passage. So, there was not strong bi-partisan support (there were only 8 GOP "Yes" votes - Mr. McHugh was one of the "Yes" votes).

I am not a strong supporter of this program for one reason I see now - two points that conflict:

1. In theory, the system does have some potentially good points, by rewarding facilities that control air pollution and providing a means for those who cannot afford the latest air pollution technologies (or who have not completed upgrades) to buy some maneuvering room.

2. But, a big problem with cap-and-trade systems is that they allow for certain parts of the country to become much more polluted than they should be.

Summary: Overall air standards in the nation might be met, but people in some parts of the country get horrible air quality as a result, and this isn't fair ... or healthy.

This is a problem caused when cap-and-trade systems are left too open-ended, which is generally the case, which is what happened with 1990 "Cap and Trade" legislation. And, here we are again.

You can view the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's definition of cap-and-trade, which ignores the negatives of the system.

EPA Cap and Trade FAQ's

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Not one word about this on most of the media outlets, News Junky was fixated on the white-gloved pedophile, great musician that he was. Cap n' trade is nothing more than a tax bill, coated with feel good bs about the environment.

Now, whatdaya think the chances are that when peeeple get their utility bills they remember who gave them this move? Or should I call it a moveMENT?

But as always, I don't give a sh.t. Screwing your kids is fine with me. Vote donkey. It's appropriate that the kids had graduation parties this past weekend. They have a lifetime to think about the Great One's taxes.

McHugh, I'm ashamed of you. It appears that Obama bought you completely with his appointment to the Army post.

Anonymous said...

there's no such thing as a free market.

Anonymous said...

Why did 44 democrats voted no? Because this revised energy bill is a watered down sham of an energy revolution to appease elected Republican whores bought and payed for by big oil, gas and coal.
Not to worry China is already 20 years ahead of America in clean burning coal. Now we can give all of the rest of the money we haven't yet given to the Arabs to the Chinese.
Yea but we save that pesky $10 extra dollars a year it would have raised our electric bill. Maybe I'll go to Starbucks a buy two 'Caffe Latte's' with my 'double fins'. The problem with Americans is the 'man in the mirror'.

By the way 8:52 when you are acquitted, you are innocent of the charges against you in the legal system.

Anonymous said...

Be happy, 6:16, you got the big tax increase you wanted. Don't gripe at me. But don't gripe about your utility bills either.

And regarding Barney Frank's whorehouse bidness, sounds like you know more about it than I do. I defer to your donkey line judgement.

Say hi to your kids. They will be paying the bill for your partisanship. Not me. Teach them to sing the same song so none of this bothers them.

Dan Francis said...

Anonymous 3:48 ... Need I remind anyone, "There ain't no free lunch," either.

~ Ancient proverb ...

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Yeah 6:16, and now, thanks to people like you, the French are years ahead of us in nuclear energy too.

And I'm sure the only wind energy you support comes out of donkey's mouths, or your own. Or perhaps other...we'll leave it at that.

"Big oil". Nice regurgitation of bs.

Anonymous said...

I am tickled to read Mayor Graham's list of turncoats who voted for the C&T bill. His word not mine.

Graham is disturbed that 7 senators didn't go along to get along, like they are fond of accusing DA of doing.

We already know about McHugh.

Anonymous said...

For years, I supported John McHugh. Now, on his way out the door, he kicks everyone who supported him for all these years. Cap and Trade was nothing but another tax bill. Don't you understand that we are paying enough in taxes? Little people don't have any more money, John.

I now will remember John McHugh for what he is, an opportunist, a turncoat, and a man who has a price. Pay it and you own him. Sorry John, all I could give you was my vote. The Great One had more cold, hard cash.

I wish you the very best as Secretary of the Army.

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