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Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Off The Mark

Oh Mark Sanford, he was a good man well grounded in his policy positions, but he was also grounded in some other position. Supposedly off hiking where supposedly no one knew for certain where he was, but in fact they did know.

Typically I would say private matters are just that, between he and his wife, which should not effect his ability to serve unless of course he crosses the line and allows his staff to lie as seems to be the case here. 

The only say he might have now is how he wants his politic obituary to read. He might have had a chance to sit on the sidelines for a period of time and then make a comeback, but when you have your staff lying for you to cover up your indiscretions then it makes it nearly impossible to make a comeback.

When political wounds are self-inflicted then you deserve everything you have coming at you.

Is a come back possible for him?


Anonymous said...

I don't know why this is an issue. We had guys who had sex with all kinds of people, interns, hangers on in campaigns, even bathroom stall bros. In the case of Edwards, the media avoided reporting on it for months. These guys are under a lot of pressure. Give 'em a break.

Anonymous said...

No, he should resign in disgrace. Then maybe he can drag his poor wife up there at his resignation press conference like Govt. Spitzer and McGreeve did. Or is it different for Republicans.

Dan Francis said...

If these guys are under "a lot of pressure" as you say, Anon 4:19, then they should wax their own carrot or at least ask their wives.

But, going to Argentina to get laid as the Gov of a state that no one knows where you are, or who have to lie for you (his wife lied big time) ... is pretty low. He should step down.

Dan Francis said...

Gov. Mark Sanford went to Argentina to get some fresh cherries ... but:

Ended up as toast?

Anonymous said...

He should resign. Just like Spitzer. Just like Clinton. ...Oops. Well, he should have to resign.

Anonymous said...

How bout Barney Frank, running the prostitution bidness out of his office in the capital? Nothing came of that, did it?

Lay off the poor boy.

Anonymous said...

Barnay Frank? Wrong side of the aisle!


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