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Monday, June 29, 2009

Potential Race Constestants

Governor 2010:
Lazio is ready, while Giuliani is thinking about it, which is as close as he has come to indicating whether or not he will run for Governor. GOP political trickster Roger Stone met with former Paterson aide Charles O'Byrne then someone mysteriously is attempting to sidetrack a Cuomo run. And Paterson, well with his numbers, he continues to play the role of a catfish in the tank.

US Senate 2010:
Upper east side Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney apparently does not seemed to be fazed by the Great One's attempt to prevent contestants to challenge Senator Gillibrand.

Good for her! But better yet, Maloney is up on Gillibrand in the latest Quinnipiac poll by 4 points without even campaigning yet.

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Anonymous said...

That's what we need, Carolyn Maloney, a woman who believes in about one third of the constitution. A real thinkin' woman she be. I'll stick with Jillibrande, even though she only believes what Chuck tells her to believe.

Dan Francis said...

My hand is on my hat and I'm ready to toss it in the ring ... I'd love to run for the U.S. senate seat...

BTW: I more am widely known (i.e., DOD and education circles) around 1/2 of NYS than people give me credit for (from my previous service)...

Something to ponder and then hammer me on, right? LOL

Some of my views

I draw your attention to the third post at that link. What we do not need is W/H influence in this race. She has not run for the seat - let's make her reveal her real self in a wide-open primary, shall we?

— dmf

Anonymous said...

Good God Dan, you going to run for dog catcher as well...why don't you run against Aubertine for the State Senate.

Guliani should run for Senate again - I'd vote for him. No one beats Cuomo in the Gov's race.

Anonymous said...

Go Dan! You have support from a great number of us.

Anonymous said...

Dan has my vote.

Dan Francis said...

Damn, with all that support here at this trough, I hope you will turn that energy into making phone calls to the 11 county chairs to push my nomination, and then pass the hat (but only in the district, not outside money) ...

And, then we'll go from there and win on the issues, right?


~ dmf

Anonymous said...

When and how will things get underway, Dan? You might be surprised who helps you out.

I am ready to support and vote for anyone who is not swapping spit with Heneshee and the like.

Dan Francis said...

Anonymous 4:26... I'd like a few more people to "sign on" that is to volunteer: make a few phone calls to the 11 county chairs (see below link to their contact numbers); and call friends, relatives, et al about intentions.

That be an unofficial exploratory committee ... if the tide is with us ... then I'll make it official in short order when the Guv makes up his mind.

23rd Cong. Dist. County Chair POC's

At the site click on the county and up pops their name, phone/fax, Email (if they have one), etc.

Our 11 counties are:

Franklin, Essex (part), Clinton, St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Hamilton, Oswego, Lewis, Oneida, Madison, and Fulton (part).

~ dmf

Have anyone call me if they are truly interested: 782-1518 (I'm in the book).

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