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Monday, June 29, 2009

Dede Is Definitely In!

Dede is in!

Dede Scozzafava is running for the 23rd Congressional seat. News is directly from a phone message from Dede herself.

Congrats Dede

This news comes just ahead of a regional meeting for Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence County Republican committee members scheduled July 14th, 7 PM at the VFW in Gouverneur. Each candidate will have time to give a summary of their abilities to fulfill the job and then receive questions from the committee members present.


Anonymous said...


How does this constitute breaking news? Dede told the almost every media outlet she was interested in the seat the day McHugh was picked for secretary by Obama.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, guess this isn't terrible surprising as she's been a member of the NYS Assembly for a number of years.

My only question is why would we want to send a member of that dysfunctional body to the mother of all dysfunction - Congress.

I called McHugh's office today to complain about his vote on Cap and Trade (tax), I wonder how Dede would vote. Her husband is a big union supporter and I know she leans left on a lot of issues.

Not sure she's the one...did you ask any questions of her PIV?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a pragmatic, balanced, smart, no-nonsense woman who really is one of us. I wish here the very best of luck.

Anonymous said...

What terrible news. Matching up a liberal republican against a mildly conservative democrat?

The Reps can't win without the conservative vote in NNY, and the conservatives sure as crap won't show up for a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-labor "republican."

I sure hope party bosses have more brains than that.


hermit thrush said...

good for dede! she's exactly what the national gop needs.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ... on the same day of this from the WDT:

* "Matthew A. Doheny has opened a campaign account with $500,000 in personal funds, sending a clear signal to the Republican Party that he wants to be considered seriously for the 23rd Congressional District seat."

That is not the part that bothers me, or should bother you, too - that is this from Mr. Doheny:

* "The goal is to raise all of it through myself and third-party money," Mr. Doheny said Monday.

NOTE: The Alexandria Bay resident said several of his would-be benefactors live outside the district. And, the worst part, to me, is this from him:

* "I'd love to only bring resources from the district, but I don't think that's feasible," he said.

So, the novice and naïve one already knows how to play the "game? Take losts of outside [big] money?

Hell, why not - that would tie in precisely with Mr. McHugh and his average of 70-75% of his money from OUTSIDE the district and from OUTSIDE NYS --- and besides, it's ALWAYS good political policy to take money from people WHO cannot vote for you...

I have never taken money that way but I also guess that's why I never won. So, maybe it's not about the issues after all?

And, to think I called Mr. Doheny naïve ... he's not the naïve one, I am?

Strong principle on this issue, but a whack-job about whom I would ACTUALLY represent in office ... how novel is that?

— dmf

Dan Francis said...

Talk about flip-flopping?

McHugh (R) & Arcuri (D) Climate Votes: What a Surprise?

So what, eh? LOL

~ dmf (I would have voted "No")

Dan Francis said...

Ooops ... Anon 11:39 is actually me, I hit the wrong button on the posting...

I did not intend to hide behind that Anonymous moniker...

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

The GOP will dump on her again just like when the backed Barclay.

John Quincy said...

I would like to inform the public that Dede is ot the only one who is seeking the nod of the Republican Party. Matt Doheny is also seeking the nomination and is having a meet and greet at Old McDonald's Farm tomorrow night, July 1st, starting at 5:30 p.m. and everyone are welcome to come. These are trying times and we need to scrutinize those who wish to call themselves our congressman. This will be a vital race for the Republican Party. The candidates in question demonstrate that there is a fight for the soul of the party taking place. In one corner a liberal Republican who has threatened to leave the party and in the other corner a younger man who has scratched his way through life to become independently wealthy. Even though Matt Doheny works in NYC, he lives here and holds true to the conservative values that the Republican Party truly stand for. It will certainly be an interesting decision for the county chairs to make.

Anonymous said...

2009 9:06 PM
It should not be that hard by Nov.2010 liberal democrat and liberal republican will be dirty words suitable for soap in the mouth or a slap upside the head. Heck i'll bet even wicked witch pelosi will try to rebrand herself somewhat conservative. They all need to go!

Anonymous said...

he lives here ?????????????

define that please

Dan Francis said...

Outside money; outside fundraising gurus - and the GOP thinks that is 'change' for Mrs. Scozzafava?

Read the WDT piece today... and then please, save your rabid criticism for someone who cares...

"All politics may be local (the votes); but not the power (money and influence)."

(I just made that up)...

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Yes, Matt Doheny has a house in Alex Bay and another in Watertown. His mother and extended family also live in the Bay. He is not a Hilary Clinton-esque carpetbagger as some have stated.

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