"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"
Thomas Jefferson

Friday, June 12, 2009

Issues Du'jour

Parsing the local media today several issues arise that could give way to lively discussion, so here they are.

Matt Doheny is no longer the phantom candidate for the 23rd Congressional district, he is alive and well and prepared to run for the seat, but the Republicans appear non-committal.

The City of Watertown wants to provide laptops for the council folks. The intent is correct about going paperless where time, money and other equipment that will be saved but not producing paper agendas. But in difficult economic times is it necessary for the city to purchase councilors their own laptops? I thought everyone owned a computer these days.

Michael Docteur announces his re-election bid and has some good thoughts that puts him on the tough to beat list.

YMCA gets their legislation through Albany that allows another piece of property to become tax exempt. Should the YMCA, who competes in an arena (so to speak) where other for profits are trying to make a living be allowed to compete with them tax free?

Eric Dunk unplugged has just been corked by his company Harley Davidson, but this is the not last of Eric Dunk, never has - never will be, he is just being Eric. If you listen to Eric on the Hotline, he is very well spoken.


Anonymous said...

Laptops, huh? Paperless? I don't know about the rest of you, but the expansion of use of PC in business has done more to increase (and waste) paper.

Anonymous said...

The same crowd that wants less government interference also wants handouts that give their business ventures an advantage over the rest of us trying to make a living. There is no "Mens'" and no "Christian" in YMCA anymore. It is all about the "Y". That by itself shouldn't make it a tax-free enterprise. People think that "free market" means "free from Taxes."

Anonymous said...

If the city wants to move into the 21st Century, they should gat some new ideas, not new computers. The computers don't make the decisions any better, or faster. They just record the same old, same old, same old......

Anonymous said...

Spot on, IV, with your comment re the YMCA tax exempt issue.

The Y is a great institution, but it is far from its origins helping the down and out with a hot meal and spongy cot for the night.

Now, Y's compete directly with for-profit businesses that don't get government subsidies.

It's ironic that while Albany is looking at taxing non-core mission functions of churches to be stripped of tax-exempt status, they're expanding tax breaks to groups like the Y.

It's an issue worthy of debate and consideration, but then that wouldn't be Albany, would it?

Dan Francis said...

Mr. Dunk can say or do what he wants, but, a strong but, if HD sign is the venue, then I think corporate wins...

Let him put up his own sign and then 100% no problem.

It's a lot like hanging a sign on Watertown High and claiming something you want to claim, and then when told to take it down say, "Hey I pay schools taxes, that's my right; part of that building is mine."

~ IMHO... frees speech, you betcha' but Corp. in this case I think is right.

Anonymous said...

You're right Dan. Problem is, all the "corporate" types are busy doing the lock step with all Obama dictates. Global warming propaganda is certainly fair game on corporate signs. It just depends on your beliefs. Erics just didn't jell with today's fashionable mantra. You can say whatever you want, as long as it agrees with the media story of the moment. Today, we love Obama. We've been told.

Anonymous said...

Well Spoken?? Are you kidding. He's like a dumber (if possible), male version of Sarah Palin.

Dan Francis said...

Laptops for elected city officials?

Normally government provides equipment (computers, cars, phones, and even cellphones, etc.) to employees ... in the case of elected officials (not full time or even part time as we claim ours are) I'd think they could provide their own laptops.

If they are government-taxpayer provided, then strict rules would apply - i.e., no personal business, emails, etc. etc. (except in very minor cases like while on the road on official business, etc.)... then who checks? Elected officials would probably claim "privacy" rights... and re: government-provided equipment, privacy pretty much takes a backseat to public good.

A close call that needs serious thought (esp the part time aspect), IMHO.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Good for you, 1:14. You're waggin' your tail and yappin' just like you're being told to. No substance, just a cheap shot. But you're right with the program. That's what's important.

I don't suppose you have a 14 year old daughter?

Anonymous said...

I believe these same officials, who recieve higher raises than the workers, should also receive laptops. Anything that I, a mere taxpayer, can do to make life easier for them, I will gladly do. This idea no doubt originated in the Manager's office, where the higher raises originate. If we don't keep the pot sweetened we may lose these highly qualified department heads to, to, other cities that are itchin' to hire well paid department heads who become disgruntled.


Anonymous said...

The fact that the Y is now tax exempt will cost taxpayers for generations, long after Sen A and others claiming credit have gone off to their farms in the sky. No wonder Mrs Corrivou calls this development "exciting". Some will have perpetual benefits.

Too bad the last people who ran this place didn't have the connections the Y does. They might stil be running the place.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:35...that bill was a county request from the Republican lead Jefferson County Legislature.

Anonymous said...

As a Muslim, I'm offended that my government so easily enters into contracts with such overtly Christian institutions as a "Young Men's Christian Association".

As a woman, I'm offended that my government so easily enters into contracts with associations that promote Male membership, such as this "Young Men's Christian Association".

As an old sourpuss, I'm completely teeeed off that I pays taxes to a government that stresses the importance of youth. What the h..l is so good about being YOUNG? Most stupid decisions are made by young people. And you wanna see bad drivers, go to the damn mall and..well, I forgot what I was talking about. Never mind. I'm off to the Y.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's a GREAT idea! Let's beat up on the Y, of all places. They have had a building on the most prime corner realestate of Public Square for what, about a hundred years??? Did they pay real estate taxes there?

Now they have a building (that they bought from a FAILED company) that sits on the CITY FAIRGROUNDS, which has never paid taxes, and you want to wretch your hands over THIS????

Get real. The properties that the Y most nearly competes with: city playgrounds, the Fairgrounds Arena, and City school buildings. NONE of which pay property taxes.

Anonymous said...

The failed company paid taxes. I wonder if that has any connection to why they failed?

In this part of the world the two go hand in hand. Like the WDT, the best thing a company can do is get on a "don't pay taxes" list. Congrats to the Y for doing so. Good bidness decision.

I know if I started a bidness I'd choose to be on a "no tax" list. It might make it simpler if we just put everybody on a "we don't pay taxes" list.

Anonymous said...

Hey Letterman Fans. How about that boy? Now I wonder, what if the joke had been about A-Rod knocking up one of Obama's daughter's? I mean, as long as you're going after underaged girls, let's have some real fun. Letterman followed up by joking about how difficult it would be for Palin to keep Eliot Spitzer away from her daughter. Now, let's do that one with Chelsea Clinton. Then again, I don't remember Chelsea being talked about with comparisons to prostitution. Ya wouldn't get that with your balanced media, wouldja FrogMan?

Yup, I think Letterman has a problem. But then again his audience thought it was funny. Maybe it's me.

Dan Francis said...

I have faced the voters many times and asked for their support, got it in many cases, but never enough to win a race and probably for a mixed bag of reasons ...

Then I have sat back down and took plenty of flak when I started talking about another run for office ... etc. etc. etc.

What I'd like to at that point, which is basically impossible to do, is to ask each person who takes pot shots at me to name precisely their reason why they think I could not nor would not represent them effectively in office ....

Once they give that reason, hopefully other than just "you're a Democrat" state precisely why they think that way.

I know that gut feelings and such play an important role in voting for someone, but that aside, don't qualififications, experience, education for goodness sake, and knowleddge of tough issues and a leadership track record mean anything? That point has always bothered me considerably, mostly in my own party - as they talk about those things and in my view, look right straight past me.

There is NO dishonor or sin in losing an election or two or three; but there is in seeing problems unsolved or unaddressed or in turmoil (like now in Albany and DC) and just sitting on the sidelines bitching and moaning about nothing being done, -- and not trying to help make a difference.

Some enjoy the sidelines and behind the scenes and that's fine - but I enjoy getting into the mix and working to get things done anyway possible - I always have.

In short: It's always easy to be critical - the tough part is getting something done.

Just wondering.

Dan Francis said...

One more d'jour cruton: this from Mayor Graham's Blog: The Dem Spring Dinner (on June 12, 2009) ... these two extracts from that Blog caught my eye:

1. Aubertine had harsh words for architects of the coup. "They should be in jail," Aubertine said, delighting the crowd of some 200.

My note: Why hasn't he had such harsh words for other outlets, rather than a partisan dinner crowd, I wonder? That would be leadership if he really thinks they should be in jail.

2. Long Island Congressman Steve Israel also spoke, expressing optimism the Dems can grab the 23rd once Rep. John McHugh becomes Army Secretary.

My note: I understand he is leading the "hunt for the pick, or the annointed one, as it were?" How about that: a LI Rep. involved in picking our next member of Congress it seems. I have to wonder though whether or not he has marching orders from the W/H? You know like those issued to NYS Dems about keeping their "hands off a Gillibrand primary?"

I hope that's not the case, but
that's just me thinking out loud [again]. So, I'd better shut up now while I'm a head.


~ IV knows what I mean by that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's this about the new Miss California ALSO being against gay marriage. Didn't anybody clear this before they made the decision? Somebody should have run it by that gay guy, Perez Hilton. I thought he had a veto on this decision. It sure doesn't make Trump look very smart. So, is this Miss California a dumb b..tch too? It's a funny world. But then again, we have a guy who evades taxes running the IRS, so these decisions are way above people like me.

Anonymous said...

where were you francis? the mayor was there to sell no to grab some free food no to wait he's an independent what was he doing there? francis plays both sides off on each other that's why he cant get elected.


Anonymous said...

Tony, slow down. I think in there someplace you had a good point but I can't quite understand it.

If you are making the argument that Dan has to stay more partisan to get elected, you're probably right. Unfortunately. That's what the party faithful are looking for. Group think. Dan doesn't do that. But you're right in a way.

Dan Francis said...

Tony: I suspect you mean appearing at the DEM Spring dinner (the grabbing food reference) ...

First of all a-hole, I'm not a food grabber at any event, and for your info (and I don't know why I'm explaining myself to you anyway), I was with my daughter working out some family problems in Binghamton ...

Now do me a huge favor and get off my ass unless you know what you're talking about ... then we can talk like men and not rabid partisans... of which I AM not except on principled areas ...

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Last point to Anon Tony: You posted in part:

"francis plays both sides off on each other that's why he cant get elected."

That is absolutely false... I don't play anyone or anyside against the other - when side is screwed up, I say so and then I make suggestions or proposals, and I do the same for the other side.

What rubs people wrong are when I hit their side over an issue and they don't like it.

But, being thin-skinned doesn't work well in politics - mine is as thick as a Rhino's!!!

(Note: I will defend myself against outright personal attacks - on issues, we're all fair game and I accept that, but not about the personal attacks - if I get 'em, I can return them to sender, too)...

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

Dan, I promise you. Some, usually those steeped in the security blanket of party loyalty, are very threatened by people who don't tow the party line. You've been increasingly suspect in this regard. Enough said.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 1:44... Not sure what you mean by this obviously conflicting statement you posted in part:

"... steeped in the security blanket of party loyalty, are very threatened by people who don't tow the party line."

I am party loyal, but mostly on my terms as an independent thinking person ... In other words, I know when to toe the line and when to step over it.

I have always been that way, i.e., worked for the Army for over 20 years and was critical of many policies put out by them, too, and I said so many times.

That view makes for better government and society.

People who are party loyalists MUST be willing to speak out, publicly or in private when it comes to public policy.

I don't think you can have it both ways - otherwise one becomes a "loyal party hypocrite."

And, I could never be that way... and that's why I'm at this damn forum and not in office, right? LOL

* We are talking apples and oranges here if you dit ma' drift ... and you probably do not.

Anonymous said...

Dan, as in the other thread, I was trying to give you some credit. When I said people feel threatened by folks who don't tow the party line, I was talking about independent thinkers, like you.

Nothing discourages me more than people who are motivated more by party lines than anything else. You can recognize them as soon as they start talking. You do not impress as one of those. That was the compliment I was attempting to send your way.

Dan Francis said...

Give me credit with this post - I guess I missed the "credit" part:

Your post: "Some, usually those steeped in the security blanket of party loyalty, are very threatened by people who don't tow the party line. You've been increasingly suspect in this regard. Enough said."

The BOLD is mine - is that the credit part?

Increasingly suspect seems un-credit-like to me? But, hey, maybe I'm mistaken? Wouldn't be the first time.

Anonymous said...

I meant the people who cling to party line thinking wold be suspect of people like you. To me, there's no better comliment. These one party cowards need to be challenged. You do. Again, I was trying to send you a compliment.

Anonymous said...

can we talk about something else now?

Anonymous said...

"can we talk about something else now?"

No. This is the ALL Danny, ALL the time network.

Here is a post of his from another topic"

Dan Francis said...
I could say a lot on this topic, but I will "restrain" myself, lest others do it for me? LOL

Even when he has 'nothing' to say, he shares it. He often even replies to his own responses. Shades of 'Gloria'.

He claims to have 'RINO'thick skin, but his sensitivity to other's comments is legendary.

Constantly insults the integrity and wisdom of the North Country electorate, then whines that they will not follow him into the wilderness. Go Figure!

Someone having an opinion on multiple topics is NOT an unusual occurance. Ask any truck driver. What is an admirable characteristic, is KNOWING HOW to put thoughts into deeds, and how to inspire faith in your ability to lead others. HAVE NEVER seen this characteristic in this man. Only the ability to BE CRITICAL.

Seenit Bfor

Dan Francis said...

Anon 12:00 - I understand now what you meant and thanks and sorry if I came across harsh... that was NOT my intention.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

So, IV, your apparent position is that Danny can rail on-and-on-and-on, often pointlessly, but addressing his self-promoting monologue is off limits?

Anonymous said...

9:24, what point are you making? The man posts about a lot of stuff. He contributes.

Take some walks. Get out and enjoy the summer. Check out the Summer Fun and get involved in life.

Political IV said...

You can debate Dan or anyone else all you want, just refrain from personal attacks.

I do appreciate Dan's remarks, that does not mean I agree with him all the time, but I respect his candor and opinions.

So debate folks - on the issues though.

Anonymous said...


What a piece a crap this guy is. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

City of Watertown management get their raises now for next year. I guess this means there will be money for the workers to get their raises this year as well. How come management slides theirs through with no problem whatsoever, but the workers wait a year and have to listen to all kinds of bs about how the city is broke? How come we can be broke when it comes to the workers, but flush with cash when in comes to the politically chosen? How does that work, Mrs Corrivou? And Council members? And mayor?

Dan Francis said...

I want to conclude with this personal assessment about me (that people who are not close to me don't necessarily see)...

I do come across as harsh on issues, but I always avoid personal attacks. However, I will (like most others) defend myself and views anyway possible against what I perceive to be personal, and not professional attacks ...

I will not allow, without a strong rebuttal and response, anyone to air their "undertanding about me or my views that are not my views or me."

In short I will not let others define me - I'm quite capable of doing that myself, or making a fool out of myself, too.

I do not intentionally attack others or their views without strong debate to set the record staight based on facts, not opinion; and I always try to offer solutions, not hype or fear mongering to problems.

I know politics is rough. At the same time, I also stronly believe all of us need not make it so rabid and personal the way it is today. No one gains by that - just look at Albany right now.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

I knew it. When Obama swatted that fly PETA would cry about cruelty.

They did. What absolute whackjobs.
I support treating animals with respect, but why do we have such fools influencing an important issue.

Like NOW, they are so nuts they do more harm than good.

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