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Thomas Jefferson

Monday, June 8, 2009

Republicans Reclaim Senate Majority

In a controversial vote the Republican's have regained the New York State Senate majority.

Details are scketchy at this time, but it appears there was a vote to rescind Malcolm Smith's leadership position and it passed by 32 votes at that point the remaining Democrats departed the chambers knowing their majority was in troubled waters.

The next vote was for new leadership Dean Skelos Majority leader and Pedro Espada, as President Pro Tem which passed with 34 votes. Subject to a likely court battle, (Democrats will claim they recessed) Republicans have gained the majority status back.

Now the big question is - what does the dog do with the car now that he has caught it.

It is not the Republicans job to hold the majority for the Democrats together, so the coup is the Democrat's own doing. But in terms of governing, the Republican ought to proceed with caution, and hopefully their stomachs are smaller from their leadership hiatus and they are less greedy.

The first order of business should be rules changes to ensure every New Yorker is treated equally.


Dan Francis said...

A simple message is here someplace, that is for anyone interested in simple messages (i.e., simple solutions to complex problems):

Next time around, everyone in office right now in Albany gets dumped.

No more, "I'm a DEM, elect me..." then change parties later (like now), or vice versa.

I say time to sweep 'em all out.

~ but, hey, that's just me thinking out loud again.

Anonymous said...

yahoo, back to grid lock.

We may not be better off then we were last year. But with the baby 'NO' party in power again, New York State will definitely be in worse shape next year.

Dan Francis said...

FN: It should be illegal for anyone elected to change parties after they win a seat in that party... I'm not a lawyer, but my gut says it's the right policy for the people and aren't "We, the People" supposed to be in charge?

A simple yes or no will suffice.

~ dmf

Dan Francis said...

Fill in the blank: Why the two DEMS jumped ship? Draw your own conclusion based on this:

1. DEM Monserrate has been indicted on domestic assault charges.

2. DEM Espada was told last month to come into compliance with campaign finance disclosure laws or face action.

I hate to say it, but do they feel more comfortable with the GOP with these things hanging over them?

I know it sounds awful... draw your own conclusion! But, has the GOP welcomed these two with open arms, or closed eyes?

I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Dead on Danny with that last comment! We now have as next in line after Patterson a senator who shouldnt even be in the senate let alone prez pro-tempore

TourPro said...

Yeah, Espada and Monserrate couldn't be two sleazier guys. I'm slightly shocked by the whole thing.

Political IV said...

Could not agree more, these two guys are sleazy, so why did the Democrats not get rid of them?

Ah yes, it was because they would have lost the majority.

The reason the Democrat's lost the majority is their problem, due to inaction.

Anonymous said...

Could the six-month old "Peoples Republic of York" be in trouble?
Seems all the social engineering and gun laws have caught up with them.
GOP needs to move forward with extreme caution

Anonymous said...

If Darrell loses the Chairmanship of Ag where will he go? Is NYPA hiring?
Hope they pull him off Energy so we have a chance to scuttle the Gallo Isle madness

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe the foolish gun laws won't make it through. That's a plus. And gridlock is a good thing in a state where the government does nothing but tax and take away freedom. That, and spend money we don't have.

Anonymous said...

4:56 How is it we could be in WORSE shape than we are in right now. There is nothing that could go wrong in this state that hasn't gone sour already. At least King Shelly has someone checking his dictatorship.

Earthbob said...


Dysfunctional Albany politics?

I'm shocked.

Shocked and amazed!

Power is the ability to achieve intended effects.

Both parties have held the NYS Senate, and neither has achieved anything other than the chaos of "Senate King of the Mountain".

Does anything, other than control of the Senate, matter to these elected public servants?

Anonymous said...

Earthbob says it all. Nothing does matters to these people except holding on to their power. Party has nothing to do with it.

woodchucksage said...

Now if only Skeletor will get out of the way and let someone with a pair take over - say Tom Libous.

Anonymous said...

Woodchuck, you are too fixated on things that come in pairs. But I do see your point.

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