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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Line 'em Up - Open Thread

Who will run for Representative in Congress from the NY - 23rd.

Short List

Daniel French
Darrel Aubertine

Betty Little
Will Barclay

Name others!


Anonymous said...

Go Darrel!

Anonymous said...

Dede would sweep the northern part of the District, but the Southwestern part is where the heavier population density is. So, if Repugs can put aside their parochial and patriarchical instincts (a bif IF), with heavy local Republican support she (or Betty)could bring it home. But I'm a Dem so what do I know?

Anonymous said...

There is no way Aubertine can possibly have it in him to run in another ultra competetive nasty race. If he does he is Superman! But he has proven me wron before.

Anonymous said...

The obvious choice: He has a long and distinguished military background, a long DOD/Dept of the Army distinguished background, a two-tour infantry combat record, strong intelligence officer and was an interrogator, highly-skilled educator, and one who knows the district from front to back and has the name recongition: Danny M. FrancisThat is if strong qualifications, national and NYS dediction, focus and experiences matter as well they should?

Butt, in so many of these cases, they usually do not!

Anonymous said...

Nice endorsement of yourself, Danny.

Anonymous said...

Will Barclay
Will Barclay
Will Barclay
Will Barclay
Will Barclay
Will Barclay
Will Barclay
Will Barclay
Will Barcley
Will Barclay

See my point?

'course, the local GOP could screw-up a wet dream, so God only knows...maybe, Jim Wright?

Dan Francis said...

I didn't endorse myself - and besides, I can spell better than that, too. I do appreciate the fine work of someone, however. Probably a secret admirer - their note appreciated. (I don't hide behind an Anon label)...

FN: Congrats to John and I would tell him face-to-face, too. We are friends, btw, despite the pol differences at times.

Anonymous said...

What about McHugh's Cheif of Staff or his district guy Mike Backus...

Has anyone reached out to them? Mike has attended a lot of stuff for McHugh recently and he seems to be respected. I don't know his DC staff well, but they've always been responsive.

Just thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Mike Backus??? Another person just like Barclay who's Daddy got him where he is. Trying working for a living on your own.

The return of Senator Wright???

Anonymous said...

Don’t get too excited. This congressional seat will disappear after the next census. It is a lame duck position. McHugh has been looking for a ‘new career’ for a while now.

Don't give up any good paying job for this one: it is a dead end.

Anonymous said...

Can't anyone think OUTSIDE the Box? Why the Same-Ol', Same-Ol' politicians?

There ae a number of quality Contractors and Business owners in the 11 County area, that see more of the world than the inside of some Office Building!

Let's promote someone that hails from the REAL WORLD !

Anonymous said...

I don't care as long as it is a democrat. King Obama needs another vote in the house. After all he needs everyone there to be a dem in order to bring us to his goal of true socialism.

Anonymous said...

11:16. You're a Dem? Really? I wouldn't have guessed it. You're a party line thinker? Really? Someone with no independent thoughts? I wouldn't have guessed it.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Danny Francis in there. Think of the trouble he could cause, even if the seat is eliminated quickly.

And this is by no means meant as a criticism of Dan. We need someone to cause some trouble.

Anonymous said...

Danny Francis may or may not be qualified, but lets be serious he is a proven loser in elections. Not sure why exactly but it is true. The dems can not back a proven loser when they have a real shot this time.
Dr. Johnson, Oot and Danny cant run this time the dems need a proven winner. Unfortunately the only proven winner the dems have cant run because it will throw the Senate into chaos.

Dan Francis said...

A "proven" loser - yes, in a two-person race one is apt to lose; but coming in third in a two-man race is really bad (LOL).

A lot of people have lost elections several times before ever winning. No one including myself should be put down or ashamed of running and losing.

There is no shame in losing; the shame, if any, is in others who point the finger but never try themselves to run. Let's face it; it's easy to criticize.

As far as me being qualified to serve in Congress and represent this district: Yes I am - highly.

I do have over 40 years of combined military & Federal government service, plus a few other things.

Anonymous said...

I am with 2:49.

These early proposals could qualify for Ripley's Believe It or Not!

If this were as mundane a job as Fire Chief or head of the local Community College, then we would be clamoring for a NATIONWIDE search! For something as ordinary as a MEMBER OF CONGRESS, why are we tossing around the names of a bunch of retreads???

Sit back, take a deep breath, and figure out WHAT KIND OF PERSON could we get that ALMOST EVERYONE COULD BACK ! ! ! Someone with an understanding of the issues faced by rural America: even Upstate New York in particular.

Then let's go out and RECRUIT that person!

Isn't that what you would do if you were running Government LIKE A BUSINESS?

Otherwise all we will get is the same old tired solutions to new problems. (
ie: "I'm in the minority" or "I'm in the majority, but 'they' won't listen to me." or whatever)

Anonymous said...

Danny, It is not only about paper qualifications. You have to have the quality of instilling confidence in the people you represent. You have not convinced the voters yet. We are tired of hearing how great you are - from yourself.

Dan Francis said...

FYI for those who are pushing Taub (McHugh's CofS to replace him)?

Robert Taub BIOHe doesn't even live in the district and hasn't for years.

Dan Francis said...

Anon 6:53... I doubt you know me at all, so your view, while I respect it, means squat to me since it's laced with insults and unproven facts.

~ dmf

Anonymous said...

I find it funny Wright is being so quiet. hmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

5:56 and 6:53.

I'm not going to spend a bunch of time arguing with your anti Danny thumps. I will say this. The man had the .... to get out there and run. And he has shown the .... to take stances that aren't in lock step with his party. Those two things alone make him worthy of respect. I don't know him personally. But anyone who has shown this kind of courage, not to mention his service to us all as a vet, deserves this.

Anonymous said...

Frsancis 8:29-
Anon didn't insult you at all, he pointed out that voters seem not to have confidence in you. You run out your credentials often here, and if you take that as an insult, you are far too thin-skinned for political office. Besides, we want younger blood.

Anonymous said...

I think we all better get use to the seat being held by someone who is not from around here.

Look at the size of the district and where we are located. I think Griffo is probably one who is in the hunt along with Dan French.

We will see names new to us in the whole process. I just hope the R's don't screw this up by picking an idiot like they did for the Gillibrand seat.

Dede, Griffo or a name we don't know.

On the Dem's side. Darrel won't do it. I am sure he is flattered, but he has risen to a level above his abilities already. This would be a reach. Dan French. Valeskey and lets not forget Bob Johnson. He already has name recognition across the district.

I just hope that we don't waste our money on a special election. Hold it in November and let the parties have primaries.


Dan Francis said...

IMHO and just IMHO, but it seems to me that whole lot of people are reaching deep and trying very hard to come up with "candidate profiles" based a lot of stuff that has zilch to do with the job or critical issues we face that a Rep would face or needs to face.

I could go down a laundry list of items that the next Rep. needs to address for the region and everyone in it, on top of national and international issues as well - depending on the committees he/she could effectively serve on.

Having a wide base of experiences helps determine committee seats and that translates into working tough issues that need attention right now and in the near term.

Motivation and drive for the job to do the job are critical elements the voters must choose between but in this process (country party chairs will choose the candidate) - they hope the people will accept that candidate - then the two-party race begins as well as the huge, huge spending that is expected.

As for me, however, I think it's a lot more important than just that - but that's probably also why I'm in contention (as far as I know).

I think anyone who wants the job should along side all others and they should meet face-to-face in a one-night forum in front of the 11-country chairs and committee persons and make their pitch ... then the bigwigs vote.

The one with the most most votes carries the banner in the two-person race.

I don't think party poo-bah's should prevail in this process.

But, again, that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Fred Morrill would be a good choice.

Dan Francis said...

One last note (probably not) -- I detect a lot of talk about choosing someone "outside" a brand new name and face, almost an unknown ...

I disagree on that point.

As I've said, running and losing is not something to be ashamed of or to be beaten up over ... person who has run before for this seat, who has met thousands and thousands of people and listened to their concerns and worries, who has and travled this vast district ought to be seriously considered.

In addition to that but most important is the expertise and experience and skills and yes, potential they bring to the table to do the job. That is what should matter. Then their party en masse gets behind them.

Right now "we" are in the early stages of speculation. Cooler heads, if they prevail, will pick the right candidate -- one who has drive, motivation, desire, energy, proven ledership across a wide area to do the job, and who can do the job for all us.

We shall see.

woodchucksage said...

Fred Morrill????? Are you defecating me??? He has a tough time handling the St. Law. Co. Legislature!! Let's get real! Next you'll probably put forward Pat Turbett or ol' baseball head Greg Paquin!! How many meetings has he missed because of ball games this season??

As far as the others: Listen to Bob Johnson speak for more than 10 minutes and tell me you want that guy representing you in DC; Dan Francis is beyond consideration as well; Griffo's a lightweight; Dede is worried about pissing off the homos and is not a serious contender either; Barclay needs to go through puberty before he runs again. And....Thank God arrogant, morally-bankrupt Jim Wright is out of the picture (what a phoney s.o.b. he is!)

Let's face it neither the Dems nor the GOP have anyone ready to step up. This is what comes from sticking with same old dead wood and never grooming any new horses to run future races.

Both parties are dead on their feet in NYS and the North Country.

Earthbob said...

This is a rare occasion where, in a Congressional District this large, that Geopolitics are local.

22 people from 2 parties and 11 counties are going to choose the Congressional Contenders for Republicans and Democrats.

Look at the New York State County Map and follow the unfolding process of the County Party Chairpersons.

Anonymous said...

Keep Dreaming, Buttercup

Al said...

First, you have to hand it to Rahn Emanuel for creating this vacancy. I'm sure that he studied the recent special election in NY-20where a nobody beat one of the finest Republicans in the state, Jim Tedisco. NY-23 had a greater turnout for Obamarama than the 20 so the Dems are expecting to win this one walking away. And they will if we run just another incumbent Republican politician. Here's my idea: draft a sitting Republican judge and I have just the guy. Richard Giardino of Mayfield. He's tried cases throughout the district and he's a real vote getter from all parties when he runs. Get this--the guy is a real volunteer fireman; not just in name, he's pulled people out of cars and actually fought fires. He's the Fulton County Court judge and he's the real deal.
If we can just get him to run!!

Anonymous said...

According to my sources Aubertine and Scozzafava will be the chosen ones.

Dan Francis said...

Dede and Darrel have zero name recognition across the district... and zero DOD/military background -

Think logically folks - we need someone who step into the committees that McHugh served on ... that will continue to benefit us, if benefits matter?

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, Danny, you Dork.

McHugh had ZERO military background when he ran for Congress. Z E R O !

What the hell is it with you 'Military Intelligence' guys? You think the whole world revolves around YOU! ! !

BS ! There are ample qualified people in all of NNY who have never set foot into a Boot Camp. There is a lot more to the world than the MILITARY. Bunch of frustrated GENIUSES.

Anonymous said...

11:20- I agree wholeheartedly with your post. His Way (dmf's) is the Only Way, as dmf has repeatedly reminded us, and he is a hermaphrodite politico, based on his wandering commentary on the North Country scene. Let's see if we can find a spot for him on McHugh's staff.

Anonymous said...

Why does it get so personal with our man Dan? You guys must have deep problems of your own. Sometimes I think Dan is nuts. But he is an independent thinker with integrity.

Dan Francis said...

I was addressing the committees McHugh sits on and having his replacement from here, hopefully step in and it would be nice to have someone ready to hit the ground - a fav expression that a lot of people use - and be prepared for the serious duty of the House Armed Services Committee and House Select Intellingence Committee...

I know that military background IS NOT always necessary or required - I'm not stupid, stop painting me that way... but damnit, it sure can help.

Military thinkers are structured, disciplined, level-headed (in most cases) and expereinced in things that help move the issue along with vital common sense... I am reminded of this when I think about Iraq and the way we went to war there ... consider it closely as some of you continue to malign me:

"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity."
— Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President

Anonymous said...

Right on! Leave Dan alone!

Anonymous said...

Frog would never say such thoughtful things about a Republican.

Dan Francis said...

I was reading about a few other "hats" being flung into the proverbial ring .. and it dawned on me:

A whole lot of people who never would have thought about this seat or ever ran for it while John was the incumbent, and for whatever reason, are darn happy now to have it handed to them just for the asking (backroom picking)?

I find that a bit disingenuous...

Dan Francis said...

A good site to follow the 23rd race and leave comments.

National Journal

Enjoy -

Al said...

After the Tedisco debacle we need to avoid two things: allowing the clueless DC GOPers to call the shot since they obviously don't have a clue how to run a campaign in upstate NY and
Dont' run any incumbent Albany politicians.
The voters hate that.

Dan Francis said...

Al... I totally agree, but I'm also concerned it won't fall out that way.

We will get what the party chiefs want; not what the region and people need.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Al are right.

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